It's not OK to be OK

City view from G-Tower Bridge Bar
Yo guys, how was your Monday so far? I hope you didn't get trapped in the usual traffic jam as that's totally NOT OK for me. Thanks to KL Traffic, that's one of the reason I look for other job that gives me flexible working time and get away from the traffic jam. *maybe that's why I am now a full-time blogger and photographer* Have you ever noticed that you can easily waste 2 hours of your day just by going/coming back from work? You can always spend that extra hour to learn something new like play Ukulele or learn how to dance. *I dream of become an artist before* Of course, I still get trapped in traffic jam sometimes because some of the events will held in the heart of KL and you can't avoid that. (Unless you willing to reach there much earlier)
PETRONAS Twin Towers in a sunny day

I like KL especially Suria KLCC as it is a place where people from all around the world gather around and I can just meet them there. Maybe I just wanna see more different things in one same place since I can't fly to their countries as much as I wish. But that traffic jam if you go/leave during working hour is just plain torture. However, it seems that a lot of my friends has get used to this "Traffic Jam" thing and they can always embrace the jam and drive to work everyday. I guess "Able to endure traffic jam everyday" has somehow become part of the job requirement for people who want to work in the city. This is definitely not OK to be OK.

Blog title inspired since I saw Maxis' recent advertisement on TV and YouTube. Let's have a look at this video:
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Seems like it was illustrated by Lat 

Maxis Old (left) and New (right) Logo

Seems like Maxis is planning to do a transformation and more approachable for the youth as they have also updated their company logo to a brighter color and less corporate feel. They even did some prank to their own managers. Just check out one of the prank videos here:

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Maxis Management Team Prank - Putting Themselves In Customers' Shoes

"It's not ok to be ok" 

They seems frustrated but I guess there might be a lot cut scenes where they scold bad words or something because of filling the form asking if you like unicorn. So far I saw one huge improvement on their new waiting system call "Q-System". You will now receive SMS notification on your numbering instead of need to wait for the long queue. More information at

I personally think that the main reason that makes customer stay and stick with a brand is their good customer and after sales service. I've seen people complaining about their bad telco experience when call in customer services and long waiting time before you get to talk to a real person. *that draggy and keep repeating background music* Well I've experienced it before too and it just make me frustrated. It would be a BIG plus+++ if Maxis able to handle so many customer enquiries at once. My advice for you guys to deal with telco issue is to visit the nearest Maxis Centre as meeting the real person is always easier to help you ease your pain. *If you are sick you won't call your doctor ask for consultation through phone right?*

If I can write and design mobile apps, It would be great if Maxis or other telco can have this mobile apps which was designed to report bad coverage system at affected area. It can be about drop calls, slow internet although you are using their highspeed data plan, and many more. We can always get the Geo-location first, drag-and-drop-the-pin and then report it when coverage/internet is back online. With these crowd-source data, every telco can troubleshoot problems especially their coverage issue. Who knows the tower was system down due to lightning strike or vandalism? I am sure this application will help more than 7 millions of people.

Lastly, I do hope that Maxis can improve as what they are trying to do now - "It's Not OK To Be OK" 

PS: If you think something is not OK and you can improve it, do it now to live a better life!! That's how to live our life bro.
PPS: Maxis Hotlink RED Apps is giving out Taylor Swift Concert Tickets. Don't say I never share with you ya!! Grab it before too late? After all it is FREE~!!

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