Street Photography with Olympus @ Pudu Raya - Guan Ti Miao 廣肇會館關帝廟

Finally!! I have decided to settle down and share photos taken during last month's Olympus Malaysia Photography outing lead by Robin Wong. This is actually my first time using Olympus System and I would like to thanks Jackie Loi for lending me his Olympus E-M1 and Robin Wong who 'poison' me with a series of Olympus greatest lenses. I am currently a Nikon DSLR user and always looking for new alternative when I want to travel light but still not neglecting good quality images. Why? Because my DSLR AND lenses is always heavier than mirrorless camera and I wanna know how good is Olympus OM-D E-M1 and whether it meet my par.

Since I took quite a lot photos, I've decided to feature and categorize it based on location. We went to a Chinese Temple, Indian Temple and also the wet market, which I met great people there. Now I shall share photos captured around this Chinese temple - "Guang Zhao Hui Guan Guan Ti Miao 廣肇會館關帝廟".

This temple is known as Kwong Siew Association Guan Ti Temple 廣肇會館關帝廟 . Located along Jalan H.S.Lee, Kuala Lumpur. [more info from here]
Robin and new friend from Olympus Malaysia

Okie back to the story. I remember the last time I met Robin was few years ago at Astro Suara Kami. That time Robin already well known through his blog and he wasn't in Olympus yet. Now? I am glad he did as he definitely has the passion to share what he experienced and feel about Olympus product. Hence, that leads to the day we meet again in a street photography session =)

Jackie lend me his Olympus OM-D E-M1 (I dislike the "-" between them because it is confusing!!) and Robin of course lend me the 75mm f1.8 for an Olympus newbie like me. *Seems like they really want to poison me kaokao with Olympus cam best combination hahaha*

Olympus Street Photography participant
I know I only got a few hours to play with this Olympus System and I was nervous if I am going to get use to it within that short period of time. Thankfully, the system is quite easy to hands on and I can't deny that the focusing point is super accurate and that's one reason I like it.

The Olympus EM-1 using 'Electronic View Finder' hence I sometimes had little delay when I wanna do a quick point-n-shoot. Even that one tiny half-second late I might had missed the precious moments *Been using true view finder on my DSLR* So the things I did is to always on the camera and let it standby and prepare /frame the scene earlier before the things really happened.

Maybe you guys got tips to share with me on the EVF (Electric View Finder)

Olympus Street Photography participant

For me street photography can be a very wide topic where you can focus on people on the street, the old buildings, cute animal or even plants that somehow survive in the middle of the road. I try to focus on all these aspect because if I were to do travel photography, I would prefer this camera with light weight prime lenses instead of my current heavy DSLR (especially when I want to travel light). My Nikon 70-200mm zoom lens alone already weight heavier than the Olympus System I was using that day.

Which lens were she using? large hood!

Olympus Street Photography participant - Morning 'Breakfast'

Flower talk

Guan Ti Miao 廣肇會館關帝廟

Mother and son praying by burning the yellow paper

Golden fire

Jackie in action

75mm f1.8 great bokeh

Uncle preparing the praying stuff

My favourite shot - Joss Sticks

A kid who follow his mom's prayer guide

Spinning around

That light flare shining over him

Jackie's portrait attempt

Anna under the sun

Everybody say hi to Anna!!

All above photos were captured using Olympus O-MD E-M1 with 75mm f1.8 lens on it. Since I was new to Olympus system, the color concentration and BlackWhite edited using Adobe Lightroom 5. Just let me know if I can do better in above shot =D

In my next post I will feature an Indian temple where I do more portrait shoot on strangers. Robin was right, you just need to brave yourself and go forward and ask if it is okay to get his picture. If he said no, then just say thank you and meet another person =) I've been disallowed a few times but it never stop me from doing that.I guess that's the main thing you gotta learn in Street Photography? =)

Read more about my experience with Olympus system: 

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