The Cat with Blue Eyes

The Cat with Black Fur & Blue Eyes
The Cat with Blue Eyes
Captured using Olympus OM-D E-M1 
Ever since we human know learned how to differentiate color, we know how to describe this photo of a cat above. Some might say a cat with blue eyes, some might even say this is a black cat with cyan coloured eyes. But sometimes, people tends to judge other people by its cover because that's what you see at first place. To really know the personality of a person, you definitely need to spend time together to figure that out...

I've had bad experience at trusting people as I thought he is a good friend who don't leak out secret that I've told him. Ended up the stories was being spread around and yeah... When talking about money, I remember I lent a good friend RM10 during primary school and he never return it back to me even after years. That's where I learnt my lesson, "Never lend money to your friends unless you are ready for no return. Do it as a donation instead."

As for Malaysia, I personally think that the biggest barrier (racism) between Malay, Chinese, Indian and many more ethnics was created to prevent us united as one. I have no problem making friends with anyone as long as they are willing to talk and share their stories together.

I still remember when I was very young, my grandma told me to be good or else she will ask the Indian  guy to come and catch me. I was so naughty that this trick only scared me once haha. After I grown up and able to travel oversea, I found that the world is so big that racism is just one funny thing people created to stop the people get united. I've seen so many religious 'chaos' created by some leaders and they always have funny reason to say this and that. What I know is respecting each other and learn their culture will definitely give harmony to each other. I don't see it as a problem at other place especially with my friends. Why should you?

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Yasmin Ahamd - Tan Hong Ming

PS: You can always judge a book by its cover but it is best to judge by its content too. Just preserve your opinion on one person without fully depending on how he looks like from the outside.

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