Share your Happiness!!

Good food makes me happy =)

I don't know about you, but if I need to live my life without being able to eat delicious foods in Malaysia, my life will be meaningless. Gotta thanks to god's creation where we human have a mouth that let us experience different kinds of flavours. When you eat chili you feel hot and spicy, when you sick you will need to eat medicines that sometimes taste bitter.... but luckily there are foods that makes you feel happy, especially chocolate and candies!

I quite like one caramel coated candy with chocolate filling. At first that sticky caramel taste will linger around your tongue, and after that the sweetness of the chocolate filling. Basically what you eat will  indirectly affect how you feel =)

Now I have something to share with you and you may want to share the happiness too~

What Happens in your Mouth When You Eat Choclairs
Recently I stumble upon this Facebook Apps by Choclairs Malaysia and gotta praise that they did a great job in creating this amazing randomized animation that illustrate what happens in your mouth when you eat Choclairs. I highly recommend you guys to at least try it out to check out the animation. Here's how I did it:

First, Choose your pretty and handsome picture
Then you may customise your lips with different color.
Since I rarely grow moustache like Chaplin, I shall pick that red lips with bushy hair hahaha!  You may switch your lips to green or blue color too. Next...

There are total 8 different happy themes  and so far they have released four.
In order to check out their awesome animation, you gotta need to unlock it by playing some simple games *it is simple but not easy at first, I am bad at it...* Anyhow, I did it and to keep it surprise for you, I shall just share a photo on how it will looks like~

Magic happened after I pop in more Choclairs haha
When you pop in more Choclairs in your mouth you will see more beautiful animation appearing on the screen as well. Since it is randomized your animation video won't look the same with others =) Isn't that great? By the way, Choclairs is giving SURPRISE to lucky people who share their happy experience with friends.

You can share the video that you made to your friend with personalized message

Sent this to my girlfriend and hope she won't feel 'jijik' hahaha

Dear Choclairs, can I have all of this?!
Do drop by Choclairs Malaysia FB Page and try out the Choclairs Happiness FB apps that will surely entertain you. Just go and try it out and see what coming out from your mouth =)

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