My first class at British Council

British Council
Have you heard about British Council before?? Whether you want to learn or teach English, take an exam, study in the UK or find out about  their forthcoming events, this is the place to start. I've always wanted to improve my English writing and conversation skill hence I finally decided to try out their courses at British Council located in Selangor Dredging Berhad. I am gonna share with you what I did to get enrol in a course and my first-time experience with them.

Before you register for a course that you want, you will need to take a placement test (which will cost you RM100). The level check procedure will thoroughly assesses your language knowledge and your ability in English. Here's where I took the test. They have Grammar, Reading, and Face-to-Face Oral test included in the English level assessment.

There was a lady who asked me to write down what I want to improve and learn from British Council. I think I wrote it with my broken English but glad she can still understand that. We chit-chat for a while so she know the level of my conversation capability.

Here's my result, I must admit I have many space for improvement haha
Gotta enroll in 'Upper Intermediate' class

Since I can't do it fulltime as I have busy schedule including photoshoot assignment and attend events whenever I need. I choose to enroll in their new part time classes called - myClass. The more lessons you buy the cheaper the price will be.

"myClass is a new, flexible way for you to develop your English. With this new course, YOU are in control of your progress. You can choose the lessons that best suit your interests and your schedule. Teaching is 100% face-to-face because that’s how you learn best! To speed up your learning you will also have free access to fun interactive online language exercises to practice your English anytime, anywhere."

As soon as they know my level, the lady advised me on the suitable courses for my needs. She did help to find the right course for me as I told her what I want to improve (both my conversation and writing skill).

A picture with Cherrie form Duogigs who is taking English course at British Council too


Now, let's talk about my first class experience. Through myClass, I've choose "The Fame Game" as my first class because it will be highly usable for me especially when I go to interview artists in upcoming events. It was conducted by Charles Bagnall and he was a fun person to talk with and learn from. The classroom was in Selangor Dredging Building itself and can fit up to 20 persons. That night only 4 students attended the class but it was good for us students because we can get more opportunity to ask question to Charles on things that we don't understand.

Beside the phrase matching exercise, I've learn more common words and phrases that can be used in a conversation to tell a story. The great thing about this course is you can meet new friends who are working as well and know their profession through conversation practice. We interviewed each other and pretend to be the celebrity that we have always wanted and talked about our career path. It was fun to be Captain America haha =)

Some idea keywords were given when you need to compose a celebrity-like story
The great thing about British Council's myClass is that you can always cancel your class within 24 hours when something suddenly came up. I will definitely need this just in case I got event invite few days before my English class. It definitely provides the flexibility for me.

myClass follows a non-linear structure with complete freedom of choice of which lesson you study and in which order. Each level comprises 90 hours of face-to-face tuition with a further 30 hours of optional online learning. Each lesson is 1.5 hours, so to complete one level you must complete 60 lessons.

A #TCSelfie with my English tuition teacher of the day - Charles Bagnall
After the English class, you can always go back to the myClass online portal to practice what you've learned. There are free assessment and exercise that you can do online.

That's all for this post, I am gonna share more after I've completed more classes this month. If you got any question please feel free to buzz me by leaving a comment below. I will try my best to reply them. For more information about British Council - myClass, visit

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