I can watch 'HoneyBall' anytime now!!

Hannibal - now on AXN every Tuesday 10PM GMT+8
Hannibal - now on AXN every Tuesday 10PM GMT+8
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Instead of calling it Hannibal, 'HoneyBall' sounds cuter right? *inspired from an aunty* Haha! I like this TV series very much and love it since the first series. The way they film it is so artistic and I love the story line too. Now Will Graham vs Hannibal Lecter, which one do you prefer?? However due to the nature of my working schedule I can't stick to the sofa and watch the TV show... Thanks to technology nowadays, I can watch it anytime I want with Astro Personal Video Recoder (PVR). Do you know that Astro PVR now has Wi-Fi features? Let me share with you what's new and good about it:

Astro mechanic came and install Astro B.Yond Personal Video Recoder (PVR) the other day
Astro mechanic came and install Astro Personal Video Recoder (PVR) the other day
Here's how the latest Astro PVR will looks like if you are getting one. Even the two rabbits in the house is curious about it *actually they wanna bite the box*

Astro’s Personal Video Recorder (PVR) comes with many features including the efficient recording services; play, pause and rewind; dual tuner function , series link and much more. The decoder also supports HD channels and services, and offers a recording capacity of approximately 100 hours of HD content. That means we can record at least 50 full-length HD movies. Now I will able to watch my favourite movies at any time I want. Especially HBO and FOX MOVIES PREMIUM channel =)

Learn all the new features of Astro PVR with this awesome manual =)
Learn all the new features of Astro PVR with this awesome manual =)

The latest Astro PVR has WiFi fuction where you can use it to download Video on Demand (VOD) Content
Huge recording capacity up to 500GB
The latest updates on Astro PVR includes access to Video on Demand and Catch up TV.  Just connect the PVR to your home internet and you will be able to download and watch up to 6,000 hours of content from Astro's library, with just a touch of a button.

Now you can easily purchase your favourite movie with just a few clicks on Astro
New WiFi features on Astro PVR
With the latest Astro PVR, you just need to enable your PVR's Wi-Fi connection to your home Wi-Fi internet,  then you can start to download Video On Demand (VOD) and Catch up TV through their database. The best thing is you can dowload some of the VOD content for FREE!! Eg. Triumph In The Skies 2, Sex and the City Season 1-6 and many more in the VOD Library. Woah!!

I've used it to download some movie including the infamous "The Journey" and "The Journey: End Credit Documentary" as both of these local production inspired me a lot in my current work. Especially that hot air balloon that some how represent "Sky Arts Production".

A little scene of The Journey Documentary: End Credit
A little scene of The Journey Documentary: End Credit
I've learn one thing very important for 'The Journey', "Life is short, so do what you have been dreaming of and only action will helps you achieve that dream. Go for it! Regret doing is better than regret not trying anything at all!"

New Search Engine to find your desired show for yourself and your family
New Search Engine to find your desired show for yourself and your family

New Search Engine capability to find suitable show
The Latest Astro PVR has this Enhanced Video On Demand (VOD) catalogue that enables better browsing and search capabilities according to genre, title, season and episode, which provide us more control and choice over how to enjoy our preferred show.

You can also use the Search engine for easy navigation and content discovery, where recordings or titles are categorised according to language, year of release, broadcast date and time as well as filter. You can always use the above search tool to find suitable show for your children as well. That's actually quite nice instead of you browsing the channel from one to another.

You may ow customize your TV guide to your referred language
You may now customize your TV guide to your referred language

Multilingual TV Guide is now available on Astro PVR
You may now customise your TV Guide to your preferred language, whether in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin or Tamil. Above is an example of Chinese TV Guide. This will be very useful for my grandparents who like to watch Chinese Show =)

Record any of your favourite show easily with the latest Astro B.yond PVR
Record any of your favourite show easily with the latest Astro PVR

With PVR you actually save more time watching TV
To be honest, I like the PVR function very well because I can play and pause anytime on my pre-recorded show. The best thing is I can watch my show by skipping all the advertisements using the Fast Forward function for recorded programs haha. With that you can definitely enjoy your show without interruption. This is how I follow my favourite TV Series, I can watch them anytime and it save time also.

Leng Chai watching pre-recorded Hannibal with Astro PVR hahaha
Leng Chai TianChad watching pre-recorded Hannibal with Astro PVR hahaha
I know I've said before but I want to share again why having Astro PVR is a good decision to have for better entertainment experience:

  • You can record your favourite programmes, with a large hard disk space of 500GB capacity for over 290 hours of SD and up to 100 hours of HD recording. 
  • Series Link: With just one click, all the episodes of your favourite TV programmes are queued and set to record automatically.
  • Pause and rewind as you wish. Catch instant replays of missed action, or simply pause and resume watching whenever it's convenient. *especially toilet break*
  • Dual tuner lets you record 2 programmes simultaneously while watching a pre-recorded show.
  • WiFi Enabled. Download your favourite show from the VOD library and Catch up TV.
Please enjoy the show - Hannibal
Now, please remember to enjoy great show like Hannibal on AXN HD! For more information please go to Astro PVR.

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