Taste Enclave - Food Court @ Avenue K with 16 Great Food Stalls

Official opening of Taste Enclave at Avenue K
Official opening of Taste Enclave at Avenue K officiated by VIPs

Taste Enclave opened with a bang at the newly-revamped Avenue K just recently. This marks its very first foray into the Malaysian culinary landscape by offering nostalgic hawker fare and mini-restaurants serving authentic cuisine on a single holistic platform. This simply means having a wide selection of local and international food while providing a unique dining experience that would whet any palate.

Bearing the diners’ complete satisfaction in mind, the good people behind Taste Enclave have taken great measures in selecting Kuala Lumpur’s finest food ambassadors to be a part of this food atrium. The ambience has been curated to evoke and enhance dining experiences while the food fare will be presented as wholesome and without frills, yet targeted to excite Malaysian taste buds.

Some of the food stalls at Taste Enclave serving good food on the launch day @ Avenue K
Some of the food stalls at Taste Enclave serving good food on the launch day @ Avenue K

Diners can expect 16 stalls offering a smorgasbord of flavours and tastes such as Ythu Wendy Vietnam Cuisine, Mandarin Chicken Rice, Stall No. 21 Beef Noodle and Golden Hot Pot (a first in Kuala Lumpur, the flavours served up here will tantalize and tingle those taste buds with its base sauce made from a blend of 40 types of herbs & chillies); a truly exciting new addition. These tenants have all been carefully handpicked for their quality and heritage recipes.

Also nestled within Taste Enclave are four mini-restaurants strategically situated within the atrium. These are designated areas where diners can enjoy hand-tossed Swedish pizzas and delicious Swedish meatballs from Svea Café, a Swedish café; feast on a special menu of foie gras, lobster and wagyu beef as well as perennial favourites such as chicken, beef & seafood from Grandeur Teppanyaki; indulge in exotic Japanese dishes from Omoya; or partake in fresh seafood cooked the way you want from live seafood tanks at Xi Qing Seafood Restaurant. Designed around the frame structure of a green house, each restaurant is designed to maximise the views, yet each of them will be distinct and differentiated.

Mr Porky Soup @ Taste Enclave, Avenue K
There are quite a lot food stalls serving food with pork. Yes, Taste Enclave is a non-halal food court that serving both Pork and beers.  If you are able to visit this place, you should try them out.

I've tried out some of the food and my favourite dish is non-other than Sentul Ah Yap Charcoal Hokkien Mee:

Scorching hot fire cooking the Hokkien Mee @  Sentul Ah Yap Charcoal Hokkien Mee
Scorching hot fire cooking the Hokkien Mee @  Sentul Ah Yap Charcoal Hokkien Mee

Sentul Ah Yap Charcoal Hokkien Mee @ Taste Enclave, Avenue K
 Sentul Ah Yap Charcoal Hokkien Mee @ Taste Enclave, Avenue K

Varieties of beers are avaialble at the drink counter @ Taste  Enclave, Avenue K
Varieties of beers are avaialble at the drink counter @ Taste  Enclave, Avenue K

Located on the 2nd level in Avenue K, Taste Enclave occupies 17,500 sq. feet and can seat up to 550 diners. The interior is set in lush foliage and a great expanse of greenery to create that “out-of-city” dining impression, allowing diners to experience a tranquil sense of escape while feasting in absolute comfort.

In addition, a combination of quirky and tactile decorations related to the whimsical themes of nature will be represented throughout the food atrium, while the stalls are designed with organic lines and textures to showcase their food fare. You will feel like you are dining in an enchanted forest, surrounded by creative landscaping filled with trees, animals and running water. Imagine dining in a space adorned with lush indoor shrubs and under a forest canopy ceiling. It is truly worth an experience.

Taste Enclave featuring16 great food stalls
Located at Level 2, Avenue K
+(603) 2181 8888

Here's some extra things that I wanna share about this event:

Love the music band who performed live @ Taste Enclave Foodcourt Launching just now
Love the music band who performed live @ Taste Enclave Food Court Launching just now
I live the band who performed live at Taste Enclave Food Court Launch just now. Any idea what's the name of the band?? I find it hard to find their FB Page but thanks to a friend who left a comment earlier. So... Introducing this new potential music band - Still Sunrise. I like their harmony and looking forward for more music covers/original from the band. All the best!

Met Ivan Siau again at the event. Harlo!!

Ah Hong and Bao Yu, two strangers who became friends after a long chit-chat. 

I was expecting more familiar faces at the event but seems like many friends "fong fei kei" last minute? But thanks to that I manage to know Ah Hong, the guy who share his life experience with me and I am really inspired to know him. WHat I've learned from him is - "No matter how busy and hard working you are to earn a living, you should learn how to live a life as well, spend more time with your family and friends. Stay happy!!"

Hopefully in future I get to meet him again or someone like him that I can learn from =) Would you be the next one who inspired me??

Christmas decoration at Avenue K Shopping Mall
Christmas decoration at Avenue K Shopping Mall
I was quite impressed with the speed of Avenue K's renovation. Now it has become a brand new shopping mall with largest H&M Cloth Wear Fashion store that I've ever been to. If I got more budget next month, I am sure I will visit Avenue K and shop some new clothes at H&M and especially Cotton-On.

Remember to check out the new food court available in Avenue K - Taste Enclave. Let me know which food stall deserve a five stars rating for its delicious food and great services.

Okie, Take Care guys. You can call me TC.

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