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Adibah Noor @ Shout! Awards 2013. I love this captured moment of her. Looks so enjoy!
Adibah Noor @ Shout! Awards 2013. I love this captured moment of her. Looks so enjoy!
I don't know if it is accumulated tiredness throughout the weekend or what, I did nothing much on Monday except rest and most of the timeeeeee..... I sleep. Just like above picture, I sleep like a king (in this case queen Adibah Noor) and feel really happy the next day. At least I feel less sleepy and went for a photoshoot with fellow blogger friends this afternoon.

Today, a friend of mine wonder how did I manage to become who I am today - a fulltime blogger at I've shared on how I got into this journey in my 'About Me' but he asked if I can share more details on how I achieve this level specifically. I don't know if there is anyone else who is interested with the story but it reminded me on how I change my career from a biotechnologist into a photo-blogger. I also couldn't believe how I did it but it happened.

Everything happen so quickly that it has already 5 years since I started blogging. Sometimes I do thinking about what I am doing as there were too many things to do at once and you lose focus at certain time. Therefore, a target map is really important to remind you on what goals you've set for yourself and when are you going to achieve it. Oh ya, for all students who's having their SPM now. Good luck and all the best to you!! May Allah God bless you for your Sejarah paper tmr. *Sejarah is the course that I hate the most in my entire study life, basically you are memorising something past tense but school will always test you for that*

Froya  performing 'Fries In Cream' @ The Shout! Awards 2013
Froya  performing 'Fries In Cream' @ The Shout! Awards 2013
Froya's Fries in Cream is one of the song that I always play during gym as it sounds so positive and makes me happy. I am happy that Froya was one of the artist performing on the stage of Shout! Awards 2013 and she does have great dancers to make the performance looks even better. Glad that she collaborated with Najwa Latif too as Najwa does have a good voice too. Hopefully they have another great collaboration together as I was expecting more from them during the Shout! Awards.

All right, back to the point on what I want to share. As what Froya's song mentioned "Do what makes you H-A-P-P-Y, time never turn back, never come back", it is always better to do something that you regret than you regret doing nothing =) At least you've tried and things may turn differently. Well,  it is not easy to change my job position (especially from science stream into something totally unrelated) into a fulltime blogger. All I wanna say is - If you feel happy everytime you do something, try to figure out if that's what you want to do in long term for the future. If yes, work harder for it and really try your best to achieve it. You only live once (YOLO), so just do it!!

PS: I would like to thank you and everyone who supported me along this journey and hope you can continue to support =D Leave a comment so I know who you are!! Cheers~

Christmas Coming soon so I wanna share this video with you - "The Bear and the Hare". G-night!

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