"Baby, there's grasshopper on my head! HELP!"

Just now, while I was doing my work on my laptop, I heard my girlfriend who was blowing dry her hairs shouted "Baby, there is a grasshopper on my head! Help me!" So I thought... What so big deal as I thought it was this tiny little cricket  that I saw just now (as picture below) who landed on her hair.

Tiny little cricket who was suspected to create that #havoc
So I went to her without my glasses and try to console her that the "grasshopper" has flew away. Furthermore, why the hell would a grasshopper come and visit us at night except cricket? She even hugged me, asked me to confirm that the "grasshopper" has been removed from her lion hair-style (cos blow dry half way hahaha).

After a while she went back continue to blow her hair, but shouted again when she saw this near the lamps...

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Babyyyy~"

So it is real HAHAHA
What a beautiful grasshopper visited us at night. 
That's the moment I decided to wear my specs and of course use my compact cam to capture this little creature who frightened my girlfriend. Where were she? She had quickly hid herself inside the room while I go there 'selamba' to capture its photo.  THe only way to save these two poor sole is by catching the grasshopper and release it outside.

Thanks for making me laughed Mr Grasshopper =)
A picture of Mr Grasshopper before released it to the outside. Thanks for brighten up my day before I decided to go to sleep. This was the moment I thought, "Why don't I blog about it tonight?" 

That's the moment my girlfriend said, "You're evil baby"

KTHXBYE~ *hahahaha*

Naughty Grasshopper
Captured using SONY RX-100. I love the f1.8 for low light photography!

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