The Shout Awards 2013 @ Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil: Awesome Stage & Surprising Results ft Shane Filan

Najwa Latif and Froya collaborated and performed together at The Shout Awards 2013
Najwa Latif and Froya collaborated and performed together at The Shout Awards 2013

The Shout Awards 2013 @ Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil: Awesome Stage & Surprising Results ft Shane Filan

First of all, thank you 8TV for invited to become one of the Promotional Partner for this grand yearly event - The Shout Awards 2013 and I truly appreciate this opportunity. I even did a Ticket Giveaway and invited a fans (thanks Nana Eddy) to do live update through my Instagram. *New experience* I wish I can know earlier so that I can get more friends to be involved with the event. Hmm... Maybe I can do this better for NTV7 Golden Awards 2014? So... who wanna be the videographer and grab the golden chance to interview our awesome Malaysia artists next year? Let me know! =D

So guys as usual this will be a very long photo post about The Shout! Awards 2013 but this time I will try to share what grabbed my attention during the event instead (but still it is gonna be long lol). It took me a day to process and come out with whole set of photos for the event so do check out my Facebook Page TianChad @ 永遇乐 for it.

Since 5pm I've already at Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium as there will be Red Carpet going on. Thanks 8TV PR friend for the Media Parking Pass, I manage to park my car just right beside the stadium. Okie, I've always curious whenever there is an outdoor event and organiser will hire 'bomoh'/weather consultant to chase away the rainy cloud. Does it really exist and how does it works? Where to find the bomoh/weather consultant?? Haha!

It was raining right before the Red Carpet for Shout Award start, therefore organiser and the team quickly change plan and shift the red carpet session to the inside of the stadium. Not all artists who attended the Shout Award walked on the red carpet as it started since 6PM. A bit too early for certain artist I guess. However I am glad that Shane Filan (ex-Westlife member) did walk on the red carpet.

The Shout Awards 2013 Winners list as bellow

  • Popstar Award – Hafiz
  • Flava Award – Mizz Nina
  • Coolest Radio Announcer Award – Fara Fauzana
  • Favourite Radio Show Award – Johara Pagi Era
  • Favourite TV Program Award – Versus 2
  • Best On Screen Chemistry Award – Jozan
  • Breakout Award (Best New Act) – Jay Walia
  • Music Video Award – KRU ft Stacy
  • Hot Guy Award – Aaron Aziz
  • Hot Chick Award – Fazura
  • Favourite TV Personality Award – Zizan
  • Breakthrough Local Feature Award – Kil
  • Rockstar Award – Bunkface
  • Fresh TV Series Award – Sebenarnya Saya Isteri Dia
  • Wired Celebrity Award – Khairy Jamaluddin
  • Shout! Aloud Award – Mat Luthfi
  • Power Vocal Award – Hafiz
  • The Ultimate Shout! Awards – Joe Flizzow

This year's Shout Awards looks like have lower attendance rate for the local artists. I mean, how many artists who won The Shout Awards present at the live event? Even the first award was received by a representative =(

In overall, the stage's opening performance is the best as it involved lasers, live singing, awesome DJ music, bubbles and even mist gun!! I like the lighting and the stage as well as the performers and presenters always well illuminated with the spot lights. However, I find that some of the performance is not up to standard. Maybe the artists were nervous till the voice sound not as good as they did.

I guess all attention suddenly goes to Sports and Youth Minister Khairy Jamaluddin when he was announced to be the Wired Celebrity Award Winner. This is totally surprising for me as he has manage to grab people's support to win this award. Khairy even beat Yuna, Aaron Aziz and Adibah Noor for this award! The only curious thing for me is why he came out from the back stage instead of celebrity seats. Is it Khairy trying to remain low profile? Or he has special privilege to be acknowledge first hand? I don't know ;p

Together with Nana Eddy (My blogging partner of the day), MizzNina and Noh Salleh at The Shout Awards 2013
Together with Nana Eddy (My blogging partner of the day), MizzNina and Noh Salleh at The Shout Awards 2013
Hopefully Noh can smile more and stay positive instead of having the #murung looks ;p

Anyway congratz again to all the celebrities who manage to bring back The Shout Awards and those who manage to perform on stage for this grand live show. I was surprised but happy to see Kuah Jenhan telling jokes on this live event. Love the collaboration between Najwa Latif and Froya and hope that they come up with something bigger in future. Love how humble Shane Filan was during his whole promo tour in KL (yeah I managed to meet him in person for a group interview). The only thing that worry me is the image that our local celebrities shown during the end of the live show. I mean, Shane hasn't even start to perform but many artists has start to leave the venue, is it because they were too tired and need to sleep earlier? Fed up with the results? Or simply just don't respect other artist as a performer? I wish I know the reason(s)

Shane Filan @ The Shout Awards 2013 Red Carpet
Shane Filan @ The Shout Awards 2013 Red Carpet

PS: If you know, please don't feel shy to share with us!

All right, let's enjoy the photos would ya? =) *Click to READ MORE*

Met new awesome friends who did a video interview about how I become a fulltime blogger =D
Thanks bro!

Well, this is the last photo I took for the Shout! Awards 2013

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