My New Cool Specs with HOYA BlueControl Lenses

HOYA BlueControl - The new lens that I am using now to protect my eyes =)

A selfie during the day I shoot for George Benson Concert
Eyes feel tired after wearing contact lenses for long hours

If you've already know, I am a heavy user either on PC/Smartphone. I've always busy processing photos using Adobe Lightroom and spent average 8 hours a day in front of the computer. Or I will search for inspiration through awesome people I follow on Instagram. Not to forget I am addicted to Pokopang (A Mobile Game). I just can't get my eyes off from the screen except when it is time for my darling XOXO hahaha. All the above actions made my eyes feel really tired and sometimes I will have sore shoulder too...

I usually visit the nearest optical shop to check my eyesight and see whether there is any deterioration or improvement on my short-sighted eyes. Surprisingly my Astigmatism will fluctuate but the total power degree including my Myopia(short-sighted) will remain the same.

Just recently I've decided to get a new spectacles as my current glasses and frame got 'scars' on it. Visited an optical shop located at SS2 and was surprised with the optical test equipments that they have to provide intensive eye test.

I  just love this eye-test equipment with neon green lights on it

I ended up chosen these three frames and guess which one is my final choice?

While waiting for my eye test results, I was introduced to TOM DAVIES BESPOKE, the brand that allows you to customize your frame so that it fits your personality and be the unique one that own it. Well, I don't have the budget for it now but I guess in future time it will be okay to own a few customized frames?? Perhaps a sunglasses that exist as one and only one around the world??

HOYA Experience Center

After finish choosing the frames, I was introduced to several lens and the new HOYA BlueControl Lenses. Since I am making a new specs, why not getting something new for the lens as well??

HOYA BlueControl Lenses
HOYA BlueControl Lenses

I've heard of HOYA brand as filter for DSLR, but yeah this is my first time knowing HOYA selling spectacle lenses as well. I never know that HOYA is the World’s best selling Japanese spectacle lenses. HOYA creates the very latest lens designs and applies them to the thinnest and most durable lens materials, enhancing visual comfort even further with the addition of one of their renowned treatments or anti-reflection coatings.

What's so special about HOYA BlueControl Lenses? Before that, let me share a bit about Blue Lights. Here's the question, is blue light dangerous? I will need to explain it in a more scientific way:

Yes and no. Blue light is necessary to keep us awake. It suppresses the creation of a hormone called melatonine. This hormone is also called the sleep hormone, as it is responsible for inducing sleep. Since blue light suppresses the production of melatonine, it helps us stay awake during the day, thus controlling our biological clock (or circadian rhythm).

However, not only the sun emits blue light. Blue light is emitted also by flat screen displays and energy efficient saving lights. As society spends more time indoors, quality of screens improves (containing stronger LED’s), usage moments increase, as well as duration of use (from early morning to late at night), overexposure to blue light is more likely. Overexposure has potential risks, such as eye strain and eye fatigue, general fatigue and sleeplessness.

I've learned that HOYA BlueControl lenses help in:
  • Reflect blue light, preventing eye strain and fatigue
  • Reduce glare for a more comfortable and relaxed vision
  • Enhance contrast perception offering a more natural colour experience
  • Protect your lenses against water, dirt, grease and dust, keeping them clean for longer
This means that HOYA BlueControl help reflect the blue light emitted by LCD and LED screens preventing eye fatigue and eye strain and even sleeplessness. This is really useful for me as I always starring at the screen to edit photos and blogging (some times play game). It will keeps the eyes in better condition, offering more comfortable and relaxed vision and a better contrast perception when using everyday digital devices.

To whom BlueControl benefits the most?
  • Young (stay at home) mothers
  • Students:  86% of students use the internet on a daily basis. Popular devices they work with include laptops, smartphones and TVs, which they use on average 6 hours or more per day.
  • Young professionals and office workers
  • Pensioners (silver surfers): digital media consumption among 55+ is increasing rapidly
  • Children and teenagers grow up with screens. 
  • Gamers, using TV’s and flat screen PC’s for long periods on end, resulting quickly in eye fatigue and eye strain. 

Since HOYA BlueControl Lenses will only available in all optical outlets starting in October. I am quite lucky to be offered to enjoy this new awesome lenses with my new spectacles. Need to wait for a few weeks before my lenses was done, but it totally worth the waiting as my new spectacles looks really awesome!!

Before that I would like to share some tips and tricks for healthy eyes:

You might have recognised one or more symptoms caused by using digital devices. It is important you know how to prevent them. Here are some practical tips to help you to keep your eyes healthy.

  • Make sure you keep enough distance between your eyes and the screen. For computers and laptops it is best to position your screen at arm’s length (30cm). This medium range helps prevent unnecessary fatigue caused by squinting or continuously repositioning the head and neck to accommodate prescription glasses.
  • Hand-held devices should be kept a safe distance from your eyes and just below eye level. While you may be able to read better at a short distance, it can cause irritated eyes, strain and pain.
  • When it comes to height, a computer or television screen should always be placed directly in front of your face, and slightly below eye level so that the viewing angle does not exceed 35 degrees.


Can you see the blue reflections from my new spectacles? *selfie mode on*
At first I thought wanna choose dark frame as my specs to cover my eye bags but yeah their marketing skill very good that convinced me to get this transparent and super flexible frame for my new specs. I can actually flip the frame and it is super flexible. That's the time I say, "OK, I WANT THIS FRAME"

I never know that it turn out even better when match with HOYA BlueControl Lenses as I can see the blue coating reflection on it. Looks really cool right?!

A close up of the HOYA BlueControl Lenses with that blueish coating

Another selfie of me with the new spectacles =D
So whenever I don't need to go out and attend events (except geeky event haha), I will definitely wear my new spectacles as the Hoya BlueControl Lenses really help ease my sore eyes especially when I do photo editing with my laptop. I feel that my eyes don't easily get tired and I can edit more photos at one go too. Besides that, the frame that I wearing now is so light that I don't feel pressured at the nose wing. Remember to wear what's comfortable for you.

Besides that, don't I look more gentleman and cooler with that blue tint on my spectacles? HAHAHA. All right, if you want to learn more about HOYA BlueControl lenses, remember to visit HOYA covers whole Malaysia’s Optical Shops and blue control lenses will be  available starting on mid of October nationwide.

Here's some more photo of me with the new specs =)

Picture with Evan Siau, winner of MIM 2012 who is now busy with acting in TV Drama and modeling
Together with James Ng

Together with Lisa Surihani and Zizan Raja Lawak
More photos with my new spectacles at this space, stay tuned!!
PS: Do you prefer me with/without specs? ;p

'This is a sponsored post by HOYA' 

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