How to Revive Dead Car Battery When Forgot to Switch Off Lights

Car battery breakdown if you forgot to switch off your lights...
I gotta admit that I am a person who forget something easily especially when it involve anger/hatred/small matters. Even my girlfriend know me so well that she will always remind me not to be a "Goldfish" that has only 30 seconds memory. (I wish I am a GoldFish with many gold instead LOL) In just year 2013, I've forgot twice about not switching off my car lights when I leave, which ended up with dead car battery... That's the reason why I couldn't make it to BlackBerry Z30 launch today as I need to fix my car ...

Signs that Your Car Battery is Dead

Following are some of the signs that indicate that your car battery is dead or has drained.

  • The car does not start after you turn the key into the ignition. 
  • The electrically operated components like the car windows don't work.
  • While starting the car if it makes a clicking sound instead of the usual sound.
  • The headlights have become dim and shine brightly only when you accelerate.
  • When you open the bonnet, if there is a bad smell like rotten eggs.
  • If the car does not start normally, but starts with a jump then you can be sure that the problem is with the battery.

How to Fix/Revive Dead Car Battery

A quick and easy way to revive a dead battery is jumping it. For jump-starting a battery, you need a set of jumper cables and another car with a well charged battery. The following steps will explain how to jump start your car:

  1. Park the car with the dead battery beside the car with a full battery (revive car). You can also park the two cars hood to hood, that is, in front of each other.
  2. Now connect one terminal of the positive cable (mostly red) to the positive terminal of the reviving car and other end to the positive terminal of the dead battery.
  3. Now connect one terminal of the negative cable to the negative of the reviving battery. The other end of this cable should be connected to an unpainted metal surface in the engine block.
  4. Now turn the reviving car on and run it for a few minutes. This will charge the dead battery.
  5. Now try starting the car. If it does not start, run the reviving car for some more time.
  6. Another way of starting a car whose battery is dead is to push start it. But for this method you need someone to push your car while you try to start it and it will take several attempts to get the car running. Also, this method is not recommended and should be used only if no other option is available.

The best way to deal with a dead car battery is to charge it as soon as possible. But make sure you first read about how long to charge it in the car user manual. Take all the safety precautions mentioned in it. If the battery is damaged, replacement is the only option. Do not try to jump start a frozen battery as there is danger of the battery exploding. Also, if you find an acid leak in the battery take it to the mechanic immediately. (Repair guides reffered from

As for me, I decided to walked to the nearest car workshop where I always service my car and I gotta say they are good enough to help me revive my car within half an hour. Luckily this time I bought the ASIMO Rechargeable 51.8V Lithium Ion Battery (Wet car battery) as I can just revive it by charging it back through another car.

PS: Dry Car Battery is cheaper and low maintenance but it will be very troublesome when you forgot to switch off your car lights, as it will end up as a real DEAD car battery. The only solution is to change a new car battery which easily cost you RM 200++

Since my first visit to TOP 1 TYRE AND AUTO CAR SERVICE (Puchong Car Workshop), I am satisfied with the services provided and my Proton Iswara is doing well under their maintenance. The charges is on average but it is definitely cheaper if compared with Puchong Car Workshop located around IOI Mall and Tesco Puchong. I did my car servicing at some of the car workshop before but it can easily cost me a few hundreds just by doing usual car maintenance (change Engine Oil & Filter).

If you have time to go for good car services, I really recommend you to visit TOP 1 TYRE AND AUTO CAR SERVICE (Puchong Car Workshop):
TOP 1 TYRE AND AUTO CAR SERVICE - Puchong Car Workshop
33, Jalan Prima 5/6,
Taman Puchong Prima,
47100 Puchong, Selangor D.E.

Tel: 03-80618216
If you found your self with dead car batteries in the middle of the night, you can always call Ah Fatt from TOP 1 TYRE AND AUTO CAR SERVICE at 013- 391 5306 as he will do his best to save you being stranded in the middle of the night.

TOP 1 TYRE AND AUTO CAR SERVICE main workshop guy called Ah Fatt (Along) has MLVK Tahap 1,2,3 certificate on fixing car. So you are in safe hands on fixing and service your car in Puchong. If your car facing overhaul, hot and broken air-cond, broken car clutch or even wiring, just pay a visit to this Puchong Car Workshop as they can fix it.
PS: Just mention 'TianChad the blogger' who recommended you to their car workshop in Puchong for some discount (if available haha)

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