My Access to Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection. Wow!

My first time access to Coach Fall 2013 Footwear and Handbag Collection

Before I really get into Coach, I agree that Coach is a sophisticated and luxurious brand that selling fine leather craftsmanship handbags, but I never know that they have shoes as well. Courtesy of Coach International & Malaysia, I have the access to Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection (God knows why but they said they like my photography) and know what are the designs that will be available for Fall season 2013. For now, only certain models are available at Coach stores in Malaysia and the other designs will be released constitutively. The good things is you will able to see what's coming up for Coach Fall 2013 exclusively on!

This Fall season 2013 Coach use the combination of mixed materials and colorblocking with exceptional attention to detail. Printed fabrics, velvety suede, bicolor patent and python-embossed leathers add depth and dimension to these fashion-forward designs, which range from sleek flats to refined pumps.

All right lets check out some of the Coach shoes and try to figure out which one is your favourite for this year's Fall season series:

Jocelyn - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
Jocelyn - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
I personally think that Jocelyn looks unisex and that Silver & Gold shining features will make your footwear stand out among the crowd.

Francine, Neena and Sylvie - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
Francine, Neena and Sylvie - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
For me, Francine, Neena and Sylvie looks very suitable for elegant office lady. The material that was used reflects certain light and it is that tiny ribbon element that makes you look cute and young although you are a superwoman in the company.
Malika Print, Wesley,  Fiona - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection

If you've always feel wonderful about life and wanna capture people's attention, Malika Print, Wesley and Fiona is the Coach shoes wear that you should have as its poppy color really makes you stand out.
Shea series - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection

I personally quite like Shea series Coach Shoes as the flower prints on simple pink, black, blue and white color nicely combined to create this nice piece of footwear. I think my girlfriend will like it as well if I get her a pair. Or maybe more than one =D

Cathaleen,  Catrin, Joanna, Melora, Sabrine and Unna - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
The casual Hattie and Melora booties (bottom left) are year-round staples, with chunky and wedge heels that look great with jeans or a summer dress.  I am not sure about you, I personally think that Cathaleen, Catrin, Joanna footwear are for mature woman who want to bring out their personalities through their footwear. For me, Unna looks universal and fit for any party =)

Fayth, Lilac, Leona, Udell - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
 I would like to specifically mention that Leona is a convertible riding boot that can be worn as either booties or boots. However since Malaysia's weather is so moist and rainy,  I am not sure if you will like to wear long boots. BUT, I think it is quite cool if you are going oversea for travelling and get me to do photoshoot =D

Opelia, Hanna and Nala - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
   Opelia, Hanna and Nala seems like using the same leather material that provide that unique texture. Love how simple is Opelia yet it will stand out among all with that big chunk behind. Nala has that tiny little glowing Coach branding logo that surely makes people walking behind you notice your footwear.
Tabitha, Hollie Wedge, Frankie, Shawna, Flo - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
I personally consider Tabitha, Hollie Wedge, Frankie, Shawna and Flo are all in one same series with the characteristic that they have on the design. The combination of silver, black, white and brown wood color makes them look different enough to show that you have that hidden character within yourself. Err... I call it wildness. Just like Katy Perry's new song - Roar.

Zevon and Tyisha - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
Zevon and Tyisha - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection

The menswear-inspired Zevon is a fashion-forward, pointy-toe shoe that works for any social occasion. It is also offered in a flat version called the Tyisha, in chic, fun metallic leathers available in shades of Pewter and Blush.

Daylan Heels - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection
Daylan Heels - Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection

Finally, Coach’s new evening collection will add just the right touch to any party outfit. For an elegant, sophisticated look, the Heather in satin or sparkled dusted leather or the Hollis in suede with stones are the perfect choices. For a chic party look, go for the Ludlow or Daylan.

Laila and Daylan are first few pairs of shoes that I got for photoshoot. I am gonna feature some of the Fall 2013 Footwear design in my next blogpost. We travelled to Penang and Ipoh for the photoshoot and travelling at the same time too. Hopefully you'll be amazed with the photos and ideas that I incorporated into the photoshoot.

TianChad Lookbook photo with coach bag for men
A little Lookbook style photo taken by my lovely bubu

PS: I personally like Makayla Sneaker so much that I will only reveal it in my next blogpost, so stay tuned!!

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