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Met Robin Thicke @ MTV World Stage 2013 #WorldStageMY

Robin Thicke @ MTV WORLD STAGE 2013 @ Sunway Surf Beach #WorldStageMY

Thanks to +MTV World Stage (@MTVASIA), it was an awesome day as I manage to interview Robin Thicke during the media press conference and in the end manage to grab a selfie photo with him too! (With lots of good faith and lucks) You rock Robin!! (Especially when you perform together with 3 beautiful ladies on the stage just now!!)

MTV WORLD STAGE 2013 @ Sunway Surf Beach #WorldStageMY

Hope to get the official photos from MTVAsia soon so I can share with you guys =D Especially EXO and Far East Movement fans!! Or else, you may check out my Instagram for  live updates of #WorldStageMY just now!  Kudos to MTVAsia as they prepared a comfortable media room for us to watch MTV World Stage 2013 live and close up through the TV. And yeah the WiFi so that we can Twitter/Instagram update swiftly!!

Selfie together with Robin Thicke! Hurray!
Far East Movement was great with their music on stage as I like how they manage to hype up the crowd with live performance! Saw them heading to Aquasonic just now while I leaving that place. Hope you guys spotted them and take the opportunity to take photo together yo. I bet Robin Thicke will be there too.

See you next year MTV WORLD STAGE!!

Thanks again MTV & Viacom! It's time for me to have a quick rest before I depart to Kuala Rompin Pahang for Petronas Water for Life Community Project.

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