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SONY NEX-5T Review & Price in Malaysia #SonyNEX5T

SONY NEX-5T Review and Price in Malaysia Remember last week I had a chance to get hands on with Sony new cameras during Sony New Camera Launch 2013 featuring NEX-5T, QX10/QX100, Action Cam, A3000 and Music Video Cam ?? Courtesy of Sony Malaysia I had a chance to review a brand new Sony NEX-5T as well. That's really cool you know? Especially when you love photography =DD If you are looking for a light weight smart camera that can share photos to smartphone/PC with just a few steps. Sony NEX-5T is a very good camera for immediate update especially on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) as the Wi-Fi and NFC is all built in in one same body; If you like to take self photos (selfie), the flippable screen on NEX-5T is very convenient for you to find the right angel and pose to match with the background as well and take awesome selfies! I am gonna share some photos with you soon =) Okie so today I am gonna share what I think about Sony Cyber-shot NEX-5T afte

Eason Chan “EASON’S LIFE” concert in KL| 陈奕迅 《EASON’S LIFE》演唱会

陈奕迅 《EASON’S LIFE》演唱会: 10月份吉隆坡登场 10月19日 ,  星期六晚上8点 ,  Stadium Merdeka   Date: 19 October 2013, Saturday Time: 8:00pm Venue: Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur Ticket Prices:  RM598,RM498,RM398,RM298,RM138 (Includes RM3.00 ticketing fee) 2013年 10月,香港巨星陈奕迅的《EASON’S LIFE》演唱会空降吉隆坡。 随着香港,悉尼和墨尔本, 《EASON’S LIFE in Kuala Lumpur》是亚洲的首场《EASON’S LIFE 》演唱会。 位处香港乐坛的指标人物, 陈奕迅 无疑是后97香港音乐产业时代最具感染力的男歌手。他曾被美国 《时代杂志》誉为 “影响香港乐坛风格的人物”,并于2012年被香港TIME OUT 杂志加冕为 “亚洲流行音乐之王”。 将以全新概念的 《EASON’S LIFE in Kuala Lumpur》 是由 Celcom First  荣誉呈献。 《EASON’S LIFE in Kuala Lumpur》 即将在 10月19日 , 星期六晚上8点 , Stadium Merdeka 隆重登场。这次的演唱会正是新概念《EASON’S LIFE 》的 第一场户外演唱会 ,并且也会是第一场在亚洲 (香港以外)举办的《EASON’S LIFE 》演唱会。 从2013年7月6日,《EASON’S LIFE 》已回归香港红馆开唱,取得了巨大的成功。凭借超高的叫座力以及压倒性的售票数量, 为了满足众多粉丝的要求, 组办方不得不从最初的12场加至17场、20场、23场。。。最终以一个月内唱满25场圆满结束。 陈奕迅本身也对演唱会的叫座程度表示惊讶,并把成功归于各方所给予的热烈支持。他指出,目前社会发展迅速,大家只关注自己眼前的工作及生活等大事,往往忽略生活里所谓的“小事”,“其实不同年纪的人会有不同的经历,希望大家可以透过这个演唱会,用心感受及体会每件小事的意义及影响力的重要性,并投放多一些情怀发掘人生不同的意义。” 陈奕迅不仅仅是一个美丽超凡歌手,也懂得玩乐器包括钢

The Wanted, All-American Rejects & Five for Fighting @ Arthur's Day Malaysia #arthursday2013

Press conference early this morning with The Wanted, AAR and Five for Fighting for #ArthursDay2013 Arthur's Day Malaysia featuring The Wanted, All-American Rejects & Five for Fighting @ Sepang International Circuit #ArthursDay2013 #toArthur The Wanted did The Killers Music Cover @ #ArthursDay2013  All right I am gonna share some photos that I shared on my Instagram today at here first. Since early in the morning I've departed to Traders Hotel for the press conference of Arthur's Day 2013 which helding at Sepang International Circuit. Thanks to a friend I get to go for Meet and Greet Session and manage to take photos with ALL the awesome guys from The Wanted, All-American Rejects and of course the kindest man Five For Fighting!!! Although I feel really tired now after the concert, I have no regrets of attending it because they really did an awesome live performance with two different stages at one same place! The highlight of the night would be Five for

My New Cool Specs with HOYA BlueControl Lenses

HOYA BlueControl - The new lens that I am using now to protect my eyes =) A selfie during the day I shoot for George Benson Concert Eyes feel tired after wearing contact lenses for long hours If you've already know, I am a heavy user either on PC/Smartphone. I've always busy processing photos using Adobe Lightroom and spent average 8 hours a day in front of the computer. Or I will search for inspiration through awesome people I follow on Instagram. Not to forget I am addicted to Pokopang (A Mobile Game). I just can't get my eyes off from the screen except when it is time for my darling XOXO hahaha. All the above actions made my eyes feel really tired and sometimes I will have sore shoulder too... I usually visit the nearest optical shop to check my eyesight and see whether there is any deterioration or improvement on my short-sighted eyes. Surprisingly my Astigmatism will fluctuate but the total power degree including my Myopia(short-sighted) will remain th

My Access to Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection. Wow!

My first time access to Coach Fall 2013 Footwear and Handbag Collection Before I really get into Coach, I agree that Coach is a sophisticated and luxurious brand that selling fine leather craftsmanship handbags, but I never know that they have shoes as well. Courtesy of Coach International & Malaysia, I have the access to  Coach Fall 2013 Footwear Collection  (God knows why but they said they like my photography) and know what are the designs that will be available for Fall season 2013. For now, only certain models are available at Coach stores in Malaysia and the other designs will be released constitutively. The good things is you will able to see what's coming up for Coach Fall 2013 exclusively on! This Fall season 2013 Coach use the combination of mixed materials and colorblocking with exceptional attention to detail.  Printed fabrics, velvety suede, bicolor patent and python-embossed leathers  add depth and dimension to these fashion-forward desi

SONY NEW CAMERA LAUNCH 2013 - NEX-5T, QX10/QX100, Action Cam, A3000, Music Video Cam

SONY NEW CAMERA LAUNCH 2013 IN MALAYSIA Cyber-shot QX100 and QX10, NEX-5T, A3000, 4K Camcorder,Action Cam, MV1 Music Video Recorder On 17 Sep 2013, I've attended the launch of SONY Malaysia 2013 Camera Launch Event as I always wanna know the new technology especially when it is related to the smart cameras =D Among all new camera revealed at the event, I am most interested on QX 100 and QX10 , the Action Camera with waterproof case and of course the SONY NEX-5T smart camera with WiFi and NFC enabled function. I am already immune to DSLR because the heavy weight on it makes me tends to go for smart camera nowadays. Lisa Surihani Ambassador of SONY Camera sharing her photos and how she use the NEX series cam Lisa Surihani @ SONY Camera Launch 2013 Malaysia Do you know when you cross your leg you will look much slimmer? *modeling tips* Basically what Lisa Surihani shared is on how she capture beautiful photos by simply press on the shutter button Zizan Raz