Voted on 5 May... Can they write down your serial number?

Morning queue at the Melaka MGS SPR counter to get the station paper

Have you guys voted? I've just in my hometown and let me share my experience with you.  I went there as early as 7.50AM to the SPR voting station, we were divided into two line and showed our IC to get a paper with the station number and siri number. That time they check our voting through a computer. Later then another guy besides them check my IC and the station paper again written the 4 digits serial number and something like "M/S 13".

Later then we queued up at the Station counter. The 1st lady find your name and then announce the IC number loudly to other Pacaba member. She never cross my name fully but wrote my 4 digits serial number on a plain paper. So while my finger was painted blue by the 2nd lady, I asked, "Why do you write down our siri number? She said it is for tracking how many voters has voted within 2 hours period.

Since I got my ballot paper in clean condition and I have not figured out how they gonna cheat/ track my votes with that serial number. I've cast my vote and left... But I still curious on what's the possible way for them to cheat by marking on us.

If you happen to read this before casting your vote, try look on the list when they find your name, see if they got put some special marking or numbering besides yours AND others people name. BANTAH WHENEVER YOU FOUND SOMETHING SUSPICIOUS!! DON'T BE TOO HURRY TO CAST YOUR VOTE!

Volunteer helping elders to Station 1 for vote

Both my sister casted their vote at Station 3 (place where I've voted) and interestingly the 1st and 2nd member are doing the same thing. They check your IC cross your name and paint your finger as well. I know there are a lot people queuing up there, but are they allowed to do 2 different task by one same person? No right??

Voters with disabilities will be given privileges to vote first. Most are at Station 1
I am glad that elderies and disabled people given priority to vote. However I am not happy when they wrote something on a plain paper and say it is for tracking number of voters...

My blue finger after casted my vote
As for their so called "indelible ink" that caused 4 millions, I don't think it is indelible at all. You can easily wash it off with soap and left just a little stain on it. The "indelible ink" never dry that fast as well, especially on nail part. Don't tell me they never shake the ink well again. Therefore, be very careful when that hand over you your ballot paper as your finger might accidentally stained it as well. MAKE SURE YOUR BALLOT PAPER IS CLEAN WITHOUT INKS AND STAINS!!

There are people saying that if they managed to track how many people voted during the 2 hours, they can secretly add in phantom voters' vote when there is less people voting during that period. I hope this won't happen.

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