Malaysia Breakfast Day @ UPM with #MILO #MBD [Instagram]

The crowd was getting ready for #Milo Malaysia Breakfast Day 3KM run!! #MBD 
Since it is a weekend I wanna do a simple update for Malaysia Breakfast Day that happened this morning at Padang Kawah, UPM. Always love to use my fish eye lens especially when there are fun crowds in this place! I was lost in somewhere as Waze GPS has guided me to. Ended up me and le gf need to walk for 20 minutes prior to her 7km run. Looking at the brightside, at least I manage to catch up with the starting of 3KM run right? Haha...

It's Malaysia Breakfast Day today with #Milo!! *yawn* Gotta get prepared for the run @ UPM later. Breakfast time! #MBD
Introduced you one of my favourite breakfast on this blog post. It is really easy to prepare yo! [Warning: amount of Milo and sweetened creamer depends on personal preference, don't put too much for healthy food ya haha]

Happy family hanging out together for #Milo Malaysia Breakfast Day! Kida and parents waving happily to the photographers :) #mbd 

#selfie with @zurrs Azura and Fbi this morning for #milo Malaysia Breakfast Day #mbd. Like Azura's voice on the radio especially her laughing and happy character :D

Healthy people after run queuing up for #Milo goodies bag after Milo Breakfast Day Run :D #MBD
 If you are the naked men you are on the internet! #punintended

One cup is never enough when you see a #milo truck :D ♥♡♥ #mbd Unlimited milo drinks being served to all of us!! The Milo truck reminds me of my primary school time ;) This truck definitely serve faster compared to last time haha
 Swift serving of Milo drinks from the truck!

A #sunrise photo with awesome buddies @naeust @vandachan @shahzeeq at #milo #mbd Malaysia Breakfast Day!! :DD
Together with my awesome talent managers and buddy from Nestle =D Thanks for making who I am today!

Together with sunshine OneFM DJ @onefmmeisim who has beautiful voice and macho @onefmjack at #milo #MBD Malaysia Breakfast Day. *ko pun kap*
Jack and MeiSim, two of the local personalities that I admire from song to acts. Jia you!!

Hopefully you guys tried the "Roti Canai UFO" at #milo #mbd Malaysia Breakfast Day todayvat UPM!! One of my favourite food for breakfast that must served and eat when fresh hot hehe
Above picture of a food artist flipping and turning a piece of roti canai was camera friendly to me just before I leave UPM. At first I was recording video of him making roti canai on the table but suddenly he started to show his hidden talent =)

As a result, I am really happy to capture this shot of him doing the tricks. Coincidentally the world is small enough that one of the Malaysian Instagrammer saw this picture and tagged her daughter. [You may see it here] Hopefully this photo will reach to her father soon and I just wanna say he is an awesome guy =) Thanks for spinning the UFO Roti Canaiii =D

[Contest] Simply tweet your breakfast moment by taking part in our Twitter challenge on the day itself! Top 30 most creative tweets of the day will win a total of RM3000* shopping vouchers! Remember to hashtag #MILO #MBD for a chance to win!

Okie back to preparing post for my trip to India with SenHeng!! Too much to share yet need to compress all in one! Hopefully i can inspire you through the photos~

Oh yeah, I am back to my childhood hairstyle namely "The Slick Cut". Do I look like gentleman now? No I don't mean Psy's Gentleman nor DanKhoo's Chinaman =)

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