"Kotor Sungguh Pilihan Raya Malaysia" - SKEPS & PACA Volunteer in Selayang Jaya

[Update 7 May 2013: 7:36PM]

Tweets from Niza (Nini)

Salam 1 Malaysia, first of all, Niza, sorry if I've cause you any inconvenience at first hand. Dear all, I was notified by Niza through twitter (now only saw it as I was traveling) and was mistaken that I am the one accusing her for the possible lost of the SPR voting box (based on the tweets she wrote to me). Just to clarify again, the quoted paragraphs that I've shared earlier was a personal sharing by Nor Muzhaffar who worked as the SKEPS and PACA volunteer at Selayang Jaya. You may find the original post HERE.

I've decided to remove the quoted paragraphs that has been posted on this blog post before as it may results in indirectly defamation. Again Niza, I am sorry if I have caused you any inconvenience but just to clarify again, I am not the one accusing anybody and my personal sharing only begins at the paragraph below which is to share with my readers, my friends that don't let our friendships be affected by the result of our current GE13. You should refer back to the original post posted on Nor's Facebook Timeline and reply directly to Nor Muzhaffar. Thank you.

[Photo removed as requested]
Last but not least, I hope god bless you both, the married couple Encik Shahrul and Cik Niza. 

There were so many things happening around during Malaysia 13th General Election (GE13),  I have no rights to comment on which party you should support, IT IS YOUR FREEDOM to choose, but if  there are party playing dirty tricks and doing what they are not suppose to be, why should they deserve your continuous support?? There is a reason why Bersih existed and it never stop at 2.0.

Since 1957, we all have been announced Merdeka and living together. Racial issue has always been used to create chaos among us MALAYSIAN(not Malay, Chinese, Indian dan lain-lain). Please remember, GE is GE, friends are friends, they are two different things, please never fell into the trap of racism all right? =)

This is my first time to cast my vote in Malaysia's General Election, and it will never be the last. Stay positive everyone, don't give up easily =) At least I have seen Malaysians get united regardless of skin colors. Just feel so sorry that some people would accept little "donation" in exchange for a 5 years of doubtful promises. Malaysia is a very beautiful country, and I really love this place. Today, the sun set earlier but there is always another sunrise the following day. Look at the brightside =)

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