Back from India, time for GE13, let's vote!

Hello peeps, I am just back from India yesterday and has been sleeping whole day to recover from diarrhea and recharge myself before I drive back hometown to cast my vote for this GE13!! This is my first time casting vote for Malaysia's General Election and it will be another new and first time experience for me. Hopefully you guys are casting vote to the right party that you think served you well. 

There's always people who like to comment about which party is good/bad but that shouldn't be the thing that ruins yours 10 years friendship. I've seen people fight against each other because they have different stand on the political party that they are supporting; Another funny thing is there are certain people who like to comment or even complain about political party BUT they never register themselves as a voter. So if you are one of them, just keep quiet because you have no rights to comment or say anything about which political party is good/bad and should be vote for as you yourself never take the responsibility to cast a vote for your future five years.

One of the historical place in India
Talking about India, it is definitely an eye opening trip that will definitely makes you remember that forever. The huge contrast between poverty and the rich residents at different city, makes me appreciate more that I am born and living in Malaysia. The weather in India was really hot and my lips cracked since day 2... That will explain my funny smile expression in some of the photos haha. 

One of the amazing place that we have visited is non other than the Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal 2013

Talking about the local residents, since most of the time we travel in bus, the locals were really curious seeing us and I feel that I am in an air-conditioned zoo cubicle that traveling around India hahaha. Some of the locals are really friendly and I am glad I manage to find friends from there. Our coach has a very nice tour guide that try to fit all our needs during this India trip. Below is a picture of 2 locals that I've met in India. There are much more photos to be shared yo!!

Friendly people I've met in India

Did some very crazy stuff such as touched a real life cobra and took a photo together. We took a ride on elephant, camel, bus, "toot-toot" and gonna sit their train for the next time I guess?

My first time touching a living cobra! Syiok!
All right guys, it's time for me to drive back to my hometown!! Hopefully the traffic is good and I will share more of my India trip very soon. Thanks Senheng Malaysia again for this 1 week+ adventurous trip! Stay tune at this space for more!

PS:  For friends who traveled together with me during this India trip, please add me on FB and PM me a message so that I can add you up and tag you whenever I found your beautiful face in my series of travel photos! Till then, take care!

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