My Simple & Special MILO Breakfast Recipe

I always believe that to stay healthy and slim, one shall not skip their daily meal ESPECIALLY BREAKFAST! Do you know that if you eat breakfast everyday,  this will assist you in staying in shape by ignite your metabolism rate? It is always better than starving yourself until you overeat during lunch. Your body will react to that by storing more fats just in case the next morning you want to starve yourself again. Remember, your body cells are smart in protecting themselves. That's why some people say,"I've eaten so little but I am still fat, why?".

All I am gonna say is... you must eat healthy breakfast everyday!! Even just a drink!! Since I was young my grandma always helps me prepare a cup of hot MILO and 2 half boiled eggs before I go to school. Maybe that's why until now the breakfast I prepare for myself also using this menu. All you need to do is to boil hot water and your breakfast is ready.

Sometimes, I will spice it up by adding bread into my menu. let me share with you my simple way to prepare my breakfast with MILO - TC's Roti Milo Sedap

MILO Powder with Protomalt , Sweetened Creamer (your preference), Massimo my favourite white breads
 Ingredients for TC's Roti Milo Sedap:
  • MILO Powder with ProtoMalt
  • Sweetened Creamer (any brand)
  • White bread with wheat germ

Two easy steps to prepare TC's Roti Milo Sedap
All you need to do is to pour sufficient amount of sweetened creamer on one slice of the bread, then spread MILO powder on the other slice of the bread. It all depends on your personal favourite as I will like to put more MILO powder onto the bread. The sweetened creamer will help me stick the MILO powder so that it won't spill out haha.

TC's Roti Milo Sedap
Simple to prepare, delicious to have a bite!

What's your favourite MILO recipe? do feel free to share with me!! Between guys I have something to share with you too- The MILO Breakfast Movement

The MILO Breakfast Movement is driven by one vision : To encourage Malaysians to get nutrition and energy to start their day right. Every Like, share, and support for the MILO Breakfast Movement will contribute towards the 100,000 nutritious breakfast for Malaysians.

"Reaching every goal, big or small, starts with a great breakfast"
Thanks to MILO, we just need to share what's our goals are on this website, and MILO Malaysia will contribute RM5,000 towards achieving your ambitions! Nothing's too big or small: aim for what you desire the most, and go for it. So here's my entry:

"With a healthy breakfast and a mug of MILO, I will have the energy to take photos of the lovely couple getting married in the morning especially to capture their precious moments!! You gotta have enough energy to perform well and capture photos at the right time!!" - TianChad
This Contest has ended but you can always support your awesome friend (like me) to win the RM5,000 fees to assist he/she in achieve their goal! *hopefully I can win so it contribute to another photography lens*

You may SUPPORT ME HERE by clicking the thumbs up!! (Try search "TianChad" to see my entry~)

Malaysia Breakfast Day Run
7am @ 19 May 2013
Universiti Putra Malaysia
On 19th May, I will be at Malaysia Breakfast Day Run @ Universiti Putra Malaysia! Come join me and have some fun!!

I've start going to gym just to run and exercise a bit to minimize my belly-size-stomach and hopefully I can finish 7 KM within that period =D Yeah I will be there to run/walk depends on which camera gear I am bringing hahaha.

Breakfast Idea from MILO
Boring with your current breakfast menu? You can get creative with your breakfast so that it won't taste the same everytime you wake up. Just visit MILO website for more inspiring Breakfast ideas =)

If you wanna stay healthy, start eat breakfast everyday now! Exercise more as with diet only it won't let you lose fats =) For more information about Milo Breakfast Moments, check out this page now! See you at UPM for Malaysia Breakfast Day Run!!!

Be part of the Breakfast Day Movement now! *don't click here, click the link on the left*

[This is a paid advertorial by Milo]

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