Brazilian Wax to be a Modern Men. Really?

Hottest Hunk Malaysia 2013 - Wax to be a modern man
Do you know what's the current hairstyle trend  for men 2013?? Some people call it the Slick Cut but some call it the Under-Cut. Well, to get someone to cut your hair is easy but what if you wanna get someone to do a Brazilian Wax for men? I thought only girls need to wax unnecessary hair but with the coming trend, more and more hairy men are going for waxing, especially Brazilian Wax.

So why do men want to do waxing in the intimate region?
  • Men who shave are now opting to avoid the itchy 'five o'clock shadow' and go for a longer-lasting, smoother solution.
  • Swimmers and body-builders tend to get all of their body hair removed, especially before competition.
  • Personal preference, some guys hate body hair as much as some women!

So now to be a fashionable gentleman, it does not only limited to hairstyle and clothing only but also related with your hairs (eyebrows, armpits & intimate region). Well, one thing I am happy as an Asian is... we don't have much hair if compared with other ethics. Therefore if you are a guy who want to remove excess/unwanted hair, you won't need to bare that much pain I guess?

Remember, if you are planning to remove your excess hair all by yourself, go for professional waxing service for men instead of shaving your groin area by yourself. According to Google search, you will feel the itchiness if you shaved and never take care properly haha. 

12 finalists of Hottest hunk in Malaysia 2013

A photo of me at Kapas Island's tallest tower
Some people don't like Asian because of their small eyes, but I like myself being an Asian without need to worry about excess body hairs that may leads to body odour. No, I don't shave/wax my armpit, it is just my part of my gene to have fair skin all over my body haha *touch wood*

Hopefully no late-puberty strike that will makes me become like a gorilla lah. [Honestly, I grow much slower compared to same age friends]

Hit the gym! - @tianchad on Instagram

On a side note, recently I've been visiting the gym more often (another things to do before 30) and figured out so many things about this place. The gym will never smell good if they have bad air ventilation. Not everyone who went to gym will bring a towel to absorb their own excretion/sweat. Without proper guidance from personal trainer you shall read more fitness magazine/book to assist yourself and make sure you don't make the mistake people usually make. Improper gym techniques will leads to muscle tore or even unwanted injuries.  

Hopefully I will get to learn more from gym mates I met in the gym and get more professional advice form them.  What's my target? Hmm... Get washboard abs and appear on Malaysia Men's Health Magazine Cover would be the best!

*dream BIG and just do it*

PS: Anyone willing to be my personal trainer? We can do a 3 months trials together and I will be your living testimonial nyahaha!

All right question time:
"If you are a man, will you go for waxing? If you are a woman, will you ask your boyfriend to wax off his excess body hairs? Why?"

People who comment below will get me to do the professional Brazilian waxing for you. #justkidding

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