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Hot Air Balloon looks pretty from the outside, but it is super hot inside
How many of you judge people by look? Well that's what I usually do as knowing the appearance of a person is way easier than knowing their inner soul. As long I have more time to hang out with him/her, I will definitely leave space to know them more of them before judging. Social film is so popular nowadays that it appeared on YouTube, I've stumbled upon a few and some are really nice!

What is Social Film?Social Film is Hollywood-class entertainment that uses the interactivity of social media to make the story come to life in different ways. 

So today I would like to recommend you guys a social video series where we, audience can grab a chance to be the lead cast, no matter you are male or female! 'The Beauty Inside', this social film allows you to submit auditions and actually play the lead character!

The Beauty Inside -  Facebook.com/thebeautyinsidefilm

The Beauty Inside is an interactive social film, presented by Intel and Toshiba, directed by Drake Doremus, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Topher Grace, and all of YOU. Yes, you can audition to play the lead role. The story has come alive on The Beauty Inside Facebook timeline. It will consist of six filmed episodes, audience-created content and many online conversations over the course of 6 weeks. If you haven't already auditioned, please do! Go to the “Audition Now” tab. Instructions are waiting for you. You can watch the first episode now to get more idea about this social film =)

Episode 1 already premiered on August 16, come check out who is Alex and join the Social Hollywood. 

Alex, who appeared as a girl doing a vlog about his looks
In 'The Beauty Inside', Alex will change appearance day by day and if he is lucky he will become a handsome guy that can pick up girls easily. However, sometimes Alex himself will change appearance into girl too. This social film is featuring Toshiba Portage Ultrabook and Alex use it to record a daily journal and this was his lucky day to be a pretty woman.

However, there is one problem to be Alex. He can't have long term relationship as his appearance keep changing but deep inside he is still Alex. Imagine one day Alex found the girl that he really love but couldn't do anything much and was forced to leave... How sad could his life be?

Oh well, back to the topic of this post, this social film allows YOU, ME, or ANYONE to be the lead role in upcoming videos! Therefore I think you guys who wanna be a good actor and famous grab your chance now! Submit an audition video or photo now to play Alex and become a part of his story.

Submit an audition video or photo now, show your talents!

Beautiful sunset and tower of London with Olympic Rings 
Here's one of the photos that I've submitted for audition. Hope one of it will be selected to be featured on their Facebook Timeline or video! Do note that you will be judged based on the look and feel of your photo AND social media networking skills! The more you share and the more 'like' you have, you have better chances of being featured~

Share your photos/videos for better chance being featured on 'The Beauty inside' film

Good luck and check out director Drake Doremus who inviting you to be the lead role!

"This post was brought to you by Toshiba and Intel. For more information about the Toshiba Satellite M840, join the conversation at https://www.facebook.com/ToshibaNotebookPC"


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