Summer Brothers 羽过天晴 Press Conference & Synopsis [Photos]

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference
NTV7 Summer Brothers 羽过天晴 Press Conference

“Summer Brothers” has everything an outstanding drama series should have including – amazing casts and exciting storyline – as the show will add on to the feel good celebration of ntv7’s 14th anniversary this year. Airing from 12 July onwards, every Monday to Thursday at 9.30 p.m., Summer Brothers is a spin-off of popular drama series, Forget Me Not, which was aired last year.

The 30-episode series will retain most of its casts from Forget Me Not including Golden Awards 2012 Top 5 Nominees for Best Actor, William San and Coby Chong, Best Newcomer nominee, Adrian Tan, Best Actress and Best Supporting actress nominee, Remon Lim, as well as the beautiful Jojo Goh. Favourite stars, Stella Chung and Johnson Low will also be making a comeback after a period of hiatus from the TV showbiz. Other casts include the talented and bubbly actress, Lim Jing Miao, heartthrob, Kyo Chen and ntv7’s Women’s Zone host, Mayjune Tan. Adding on to the list of outstanding casts, this series is also produced by Golden Awards 2012 Best Director Top 5 nominee, Simon Long.

Shu Xian (Remon) and Ah Di (Coby)

Summer Brothers Synopsis:
Set against the backdrop of Malaysia’s favourite sport, Badminton, Summer Brothers chronicles the lives of long lost brothers, Wei Zhong and Ah Di, played by William and Coby, who were separated after the divorce of their parents 20 years ago. Ah Di who was diagnosed with mental disability when he was young, lives a poor but happy and peaceful life with his mother, Shu Xian (Remon). When Ah Di’s mother finds out that she is about to die from her terminal cancer, she decides to unite the brothers. However, she lost Ah Di during their journey to Kuala Lumpur in search of his older brother. Ah Di is stranded but made new friends with Xiao Mei (Lim Jing Miao), a kind and naïve girl. With the uncanny rapport between them, the two become instant bosom buddies.

Ah Di is stranded but made new friends with Xiao Mei (Lim Jing Miao)

Xiao Mei’s parents passed away in a car accident and both her and her younger brother, Yu Cheng (Adrian) are forced to board at their relative’s home. The siblings suffer through their dependence on others, but for the sake of his older sister, Yu Cheng endures the hardships thrown at him. Yu Cheng is a top student who has just graduated from school, but in order to make ends meet, he is forced to quit his studies to work. His only wish is none other than gaining independence to support his sister. Ah Di is envious of Xiao Mei and Yu Cheng’s relationship, which makes him reminisce the childhood spent with his brother.

Shu Xian trying to convince Wei Zhong to find back his bro, Ah Di

Meanwhile, Ah Di’s mother manages to locate Wei Zhong and informs him about Ah Di’s disappearance. Wei Zhong is not only unmoved by the news, but has no intention to reunite with his brother. Many years ago, Wei Zhong encountered an accident that caused an irreversible injury, forcing him to give up badminton forever, while allowing his main rival and best friend, Qi Jun (Johnson) to not only step up but also end up marrying his college sweetheart, Chen Rou (Stella)

Wei Zhong (William) and Rui Li (Jojo) get together after an accident

Distraught at his sudden loss of ability, Wei Zhong becomes dispirited and losing his purpose to live. Over the years, Wei Zhong meets his guardian angel, Rui Li (Jojo) who took care of him after his accident. A nurse by profession, Rui Li is the only one who stood by his side no matter what happens, appearing firsthand to help solve his problems. Secretly, Rui Li likes Wei Zhong, and Wei Zhong is dependent on Rui Li. The two maintain an ambiguous relationship. 

When Rui Li learns about Ah Di, she urges Wei Zhong not to abandon his younger brother, as he recalls the unpleasant memories of their past. When their parents divorced, his mother took custody of Ah Di and left him with his estranged father, who indulged relentlessly in alcohol, neglecting his older son. Wei Zhong cannot fathom his mother’s decision to abandon him for his younger brother and holds contempt towards her and Ah Di. 

Shu Xian’s illness is getting bad to worse, and she feels bad when she still couldn’t find Ah Di and also get Wei Zhong’s forgiveness. Rui Li emphatises Shu Xian and vows to tries her very best to find back Ah Di as well as resolves the hatred deep in Wei Zhong.  

Xiao Mei and Ah Di were being chased out of the house

Meanwhile, Xiao Mei’s kindness to help Ah Di provoked anger in their relatives, who chase them out of their house, leaving them homeless overnight. Yu Cheng, together with Xiao Mei and Ah Di wander aimlessly in the streets. Ah Di, remorseful of the situation he has caused everyone, makes a vow to convince his older brother to take in Xiao Mei and Yu Cheng when they reunite. On the verge of total despair, fate brings Ah Di to Wei Zhong and is also forced to take in Xiao Mei and Yu Cheng.

Wei Zhong is not trilled as he feels that he is forced to stay with three total strangers. Unable to comprehend Wei Zhong’s disdain towards him, Ah Di feels deeply hurt and disappointed that his older brother is different. Forced to take in his mentally disabled brother and share his life with two strangers, Wei Zhong finds it difficult to come to terms with the sudden change in his life.

Many things happen when there are so many people staying under one same roof

Meanwhile, Yu Cheng recognises Wei Zhong as an ex-national badminton player but is disdained with Wei Zhong’s attitude towards his own life and brother. Unlike Wei Zhong, Yu Cheng works hard and manages to get a spot in the prestigious badminton training academy and hopes to be trained by Qi Jun. Qi Jun admires his talent but he still has his reservations towards Yu Cheng after knowing Wei Zhong’s relation with Yu Cheng. After Wei Zhong's defeat, Qi Jun’s career in badminton soared to great heights. But despite his success in career, his marriage to Chen Rou is unfulfilling as the latter could not forget her former love, Wei Zhong. This makes Qi Jun indignant. 
Sensing how dispirited his brother is, Ah Di hopes to encourage his brother with badminton, hoping to regain his confidence and pick up his life once more. Ah Di tries many ways to encourage his brother and finally Wei Zhong is touched by Ah Di’s sincerity. He discards his previous lazy, unmotivated self and returns to the badminton arena, wanting to regain what he has lost. Wei Zhong’s comeback threatens Qi Jun. On the surface Qi Jun is warm and welcoming towards Wei Zhong and shows enthusiasm toward the prospect of training Yu Cheng. Qi Jun plots to defeat Wei Zhong again by making him fail in court.

Both Yu Cheng and his best friend Zi Yun (Kyo) fall in love with Qi Jun’s sister, Yu Min (Mayjune). Qi Jun uses this and made the two best friends into enemies, which both later battle it out on the badminton court. Xiao Mei is worry about Yu Cheng, hoping to talk him out of Qi Jun’s badminton team. Yu Cheng refuses as this is his best chance to go further in the sports and begins to see Xiao Mei as his obstacle to success. 

Over time, Wei Zhong has grown fond of Xiao Mei and Yu Cheng. Seeing the rupture between the siblings affects him. Turning over a new leaf, Wei Zhong discards his previous lazy, unmotivated self and works hard to get Yu Cheng into his team. Rui Li stands by his side to boost his confidence, thereby solidifying their feelings for each other. However, right when he finds his footing back in life, Wei Zhong is struck by the news of Ah Di is being diagnosed with cancer......


NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference Happy meet up
Lai Cheah Yee, Manager, Brand Management Group of ntv7
According to Lai Cheah Yee, Manager, Brand Management Group of ntv7, Summer Brothers is amongst the top drama series aired on ntv7 to celebrate the station’s 14th anniversary. “Viewers can expect a riveting drama series come 12 July with some of Malaysia’s favourite actors and actresses as well as a stunning plot, serving the best to our audience. This includes hiring the country’s renowned female badminton singles player, Wong Mew Choo, who takes up the responsibility to bring out the best in the actors,” said Cheah Yee.

“We are especially grateful to the trust given to us by Thomson, a leading herbal and nutritional supplement brand, who comes in as the sponsor for this drama series. We believe an outstanding brand such as Thomson will further create momentum to this series,” Cheah Yee added.  

Popular radio station, one FM will also be coming in as the media partner for this series. To further boost the ratings of Summer Brothers, both ntv7 and one FM will be joining hands to organise a friendly tournament involving the casts from the series and will also be opened to the public and fans come 29 July at the badminton court situated at USJ 23, Subang Jaya. There will also be other promotional activities including roadshows which will happen in August. More details on the roadshows as well as the friendly match will be released soon.

“ntv7 is proud of the achievements and good ratings it gained through local Chinese drama series and we would like to thank our viewers for their unwavering support. All this wouldn’t be possible without the exceptional talents we have in the Malaysian Chinese TV industry. We hope that Golden Awards 2012 which will be held on 22 September at Putrajaya International Convention Centre will be an event which encourages and recognises the outstanding work of those who have contributed passionately in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes. 

Don’t forget to catch Summer Brothers starting 12 July, Mondays to Thursdays at 9.30 p.m., only on ntv7, the Home of Feel Good.

For more information on the show, log on to and, or follow the ntv7 Facebook and Twitter.  

As usual, I will share photos taken during the Press Conference. Lets check out who are the actors and actresses who attended Summer Brothers 羽过天晴 Press Conference that day =) It is always fun to hear their sharing across the shooting of this Chinese Drama. Everything will be funny whenever Lim Jing Miao is. Funny moment is when Ah Di accidentally touched on Miao Miao's boobies during one of the shooting.

Willian and Jojo appear to be lovely with each other and very open to do some "kissing pose". Hope you guys able to see the fun story from pictures below and give this blogpost a LIKE! More photos will be available on my Facebook Fanpage - TianChad @ 永遇乐. Cheers!

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference
William was sharing about the kissing scene during Summer Brothers casting

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference
William explained how the "touch-boobs" incident happened

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference
苗苗 五体投地

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference
That kiss from William to Jojo

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference
MiaoMiao was declined when asked for it LOL

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference
I wish all the best for Summer Brothers and hope it hit high rating!

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference
Love is a four letter word

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference
The backscene of re-create the "touch boobies" incident. Miao Miao looks excited but Ah Di... Hahaha!

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference
Golden Awards 2012 Top 5 Nominees for Best Actor, William San and Coby Chong
Who Will Win?

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference
Stella Chung is pretty as usual, followed her on Instagram and she always appear on popular page~
Congratz that she is getting married soon!

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference
A picture with looking Kyo Chen 庄仲维,  more handsome day by day . Both of us are "Chen" but different surname ;p

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference
A picture with Coby, William and Miao Miao =) Always fun to see you guys! Jia you in your career!

NTV7 Summer Brothers Chinese Drama Press Conference
"Is that's all the photos?"
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