Top 10 Gangnam Style Parody Videos ft PSY & Hyuna

Psy Gangnam Style Hyuna Female Sexy Lady Parody Video
Top 10 PSY Gangnam Style Parody
All right guys, PSY's Gangnam Style has been a big hit ever since its premiere on YouTube and it went viral all over the world. 62 millions views in just one month. Good job PSY! Creative people around the world keep creating their own Gangnam parody with their unique Gangnam Style. Check out some of the popular Gangnam parodies below:

Do you know that Hyuna has her own Gangnam Style? It's called Dak Nae Style

PSY (ft. HYUNA) 오빤 딱 내 스타일 
Check out my blogpost regarding Hyuna MV 
 Instead of doing funny/stupid thing in the MV, Hyuna play sexy with her "cute-high-pitch" Dak Nae Style. 19 million views on YouTube now.

David, one of the comedian Youtuber who put so much efforts in collaborating with other YouTube stars to do another funny Gangnam style parody. You will able to spot Clara C, Jason Chen, Josept Vincent and many more youTuber that you might like in this video. Not sure whether it is his fate or not as David somehow looks like PSY, just with bigger eyes haha. Currenty the best Gangnam Style parody with 3 millions ++ views on YouTube. So whose Gochu is bigger?

This is the first Gangnam style parody I saw on YouTube, he is the slimmer version of PSY that can do funny stunt like him. Oh well, wonder how much does it cost to make something so similar to the original Gangnam Style =)  

SY싸이 - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) Waveya 웨이브야 Korean Dance Team
If you just want the music with pretty and sexy ladies doing the Gangnam dance, Watch this video by Waveya. Now I hope SNSD can do something even sexier with this song.

PSY - " GANGNAM STYLE " Dance By Bears Cheerleader Team and Bodyguard
This video is shorter but it looks funny when the security guard pops out and started the Gangnam dance. Currently scoring 1.7million views.

PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) - Jun Sung Ahn Dance & Violin Cover
I find this creative and kinda related to his talent in playing violin and dancing too. Personally think this video was nicely done and able to show his talents at the same time. Kudos =) This video definitely helps him shine in the YouTube community.

I guess this is a celebration video from some of the Korean Olympic Games winners? They are unique as they are the warriors that won London 2012 Olympic Golds =) 1million view within 1 week!

Nelly Furtado Gangnam Style!! 
The first celebrity that do the Gangnam Style dance in her concert.  Uploaded from her own YouTube Channel and now with 720k views.

PSY - GANGNAM STYLE THAILAND แกนนำสไตล์ Bie The Ska 
Thailand joined the viral hit where their Gangnam Style hit 663k views within just 3 days after uploaded to YouTube. Can see the efforts of making the similar MV too.

Singaporean Style (Gangnam Style Parody) 
I personally don't like this Gangnam Style Parody but seems like other people like it? 698k views 

這群人 - 學尬乾那塞 (GANGNAM STYLE Cover/Skit/台語版)
This is Taiwan Gangnam Style parody done in their dialect. It is a bit vulgar for kids but if you know how to read the Chinese subtitle you will understand more of their lyrics. I like how their video was made and it seems liek they got a concept and production team to do this. Nice one 這群人 =) Don't try to peep under her skirt as it is a skirt-looks-pant LOL. Anyhow. their English translation need to be improved so that more people can understand their lyrics. 234k views within just a day.

PSY - Gangnam Style Parody (Miguk Style) 
At first it doesn't looks good for me but slowly you'll see their creative mind that doing something different or even funnier? Yes, they are all ladies. Wait till the elevator scene came out.

Check out how the teens in US reacts to the top hit K-Pop. Some love it some hate it. Open condom store, what?

 Gangnam Style - PSY 강남스타일 ( INSTRUMENTAL + DL )
If you like to do a cover with your own Gangnam lyrics, here's the dubstep instrumental version of Oppa Gangnam Style.

Open Condom Style (Gangnam Style Msia Parody) 
If you can't stand a video with all sakai guys doing this video, don't watch this. It has the same amount of like and dislike for this video. I think if they get a pretty girl in this parody video they sure have more Likes.

In conjunction with Hari Merdeka on 31st Aug, creative Malaysians from Sabah created this Gangnam style parody with their own Sabah Style. Worth to watch as they featuring some of the famous food in Sabah. =)

Sabah Hakka Style - Tian Long (Gangnam Style Parody)
Another parody from Sabah but they have multiple talented production team to produce this video. Drifting cars around Tian Long, a Hakka Singer together with really beautiful ladies in this video. Worth to watch =)

Suasana Gangnam Raya 
I guess this one is more for Malaysian as we've just celebrated Hari Raya and this video is more to family having fun making video together and included Gangnam style to their video. Kudos to the whole family who are so sporty doing this. Especially their cool grandmother!

Parody By FLY FM Deejays (

Found this video on my Facebook feed this morning and find it really fun to watch. I don't know why the video has been made private on YouTube now but it was a nice parody from all the Fly FM Deejays! I think Zherpeen has the best Gangnam Style spirit, if you've seen the way she dance, you'll know how good she is haha! HunnyMadu has the best voice =) Oh well, I hope the video will be released again as good thing are meant to be share!

The winner of Super Kamung Style goes to Zherpeen!

The elevator scene
Is this why the video was made private?

Here's part of the lyrics for Super Kampung Style:
"But in your kampong,
You can wear sarong
Anywhere you go oh
Everybody knows oh
In your kampong,
Lepak kat lorong
You can go
Everybody knows
You can pancing, pull the pacat, panjat pokok, gotong royong

Super kampong style

Ehhhh.... nenek molek eh eh eh eh eh
Ehhhh... sexy monyet ooh ooh ooh ooh"
 Nenek Moleh and Sexy Monyet haha!


So guys, which video is your favourite Gangnam Style Parody? Is it the original MV from PSY still the best? Tell me by start commenting below!

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