AXE Anarchy Island Getaway with Fay Hokulani!

Beautiful sky view of Pulau Kapas
Two weeks ago I was still at Pulau Kapas together with close friends enjoying the sunny blue-sky especially the clear blue sea! Being an adventurous guy my friend and I managed to reach the top of Pulau Kapas, which was the mini light house, that we got to see this super great sky view. Check out the sunny beach!

I feel really grateful that I bought a Dicapac waterproof camera case so that I could take photos of the living creature in the water. (Thanks to my trustworthy compact camera too haha) We had been snorkeling at several spots and the last spot was the best snorkeling AND diving place! Check out the photos we had took below:

Healthy living Nemo was hiding among the anemone and sometimes you could bump into a group of sea urchins under your feet. Feel happy and sad at the same time when I saw a colourful but injured jelly-fish. Hope it managed to survive.
Courtesy of Jian, we managed to capture a photo of happy Nemo family hiding in the purple anemone
It was not easy for me to capture underwater photos as I can feel the water-pressure as soon as I dived in without my safety jacket. You must dive in deep enough while hold your breath to take good photos. You need to keep swimming down so that the salt water won't lift you up easily too.

It was a 3-days-2-nights-getaway and I really wish I could get back to this beach very soon! All of us agreed that Pulau Kapas have many beautiful photography spot for couple/wedding too. Well, if you are single, adventurous and you love beach getaway as much as I do. Why don't you join this WET & WILD Beach Getaway Contest to win an unforgettable trip to party with Fay Hokulani?

AXE Chaos on Anarchy Island Getaway Contest
Courtesy of AXE Malaysia, you will able to party at this beautiful Island - Caribbean Island!
An all expense paid trip to the Caribbean Island for 4 days and 3 nights beach getaway with Fay Hokulani. This trip is scheduled on 03/12/2012 to 06/12/2012.

I still remember the first time I met Fay was at Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience 2010. She does attracted me someway and I eventually found out that she is a blogger too! Check her out at One of the friendly, super healthy and fit lady I've know so far. How should a guy approach woman like Fay Hokulani? First, you need to know to to be suave and charming!

Ryan Goshling - A suave guy that every girl like
Ever wonder how to be a suave guy like Ryan Goshling? Who can attract and seduce any woman easily with just their body language? Here's some tips on how to be a charming guy! James Bond is so 70's so here comes Ryan Goshling! Haha

How To Be a Suave Guy:

  1. Review your wardrobe, and ditch anything that looks casual. This is not the image you want to create. Donate your old jeans, denim jackets, T-shirts, sportswear and sneakers to a charity shop. Go shopping. Buy leather and suede jackets, well-pressed slacks and slip-on shoes. Stock up on manly, powerful colognes and aftershave.
  2. Flash your jewelry. Expensive cuff links and a good-quality watch are desirable. Wear a cravat if you dare. Otherwise, the polo-necked sports shirt worn inside the leather or suede jacket will enhance your image. Do not wear casual shirts. Wear handmade shirts whenever you can.
  3. Shave frequently, and splash on plenty of aftershave. Have your hair cut regularly, and smooth it back with gel or scented oil. Cut and clean your nails regularly. Have your slip-on leather shoes polished until they shine. Drink martinis or gin and tonic. Refer to women as "the ladies" with a smile. Carry plenty of cash and a platinum card.
  4. Perfect your chat-up lines. Never rush anywhere or allow yourself to appear frazzled. Learn to smile enigmatically. Drive your sports car smoothly and with the top down whenever possible.
  5. Smell good. Instead of just dressed nicely in a suit, you should make sure you smell good too. No woman like to meet a stranger with smelly body odour on him. Maybe you should try out Axe Anarchy.
 To be simple, just check out how Ryan Goshling dressed up himself and the way he act. You'll surely learn something from him and make it your style. Make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing and be confident when approaching someone =)

Fay Hokulani - A girl you always dream to party with!

Without further introduction, here's a chance for you to win an unforgettable beach getaway in the Caribbean Island together with Fay Hokulani! Not only that, you will able to party up with international DJs, hot celebrities (of course) and sizzling woman all over the world! (This will be a heaven for us guys!)

Send in your most creative photo with good caption! Remember!
Keep it decent and SFW (Safe For Work)!! No nude photo please =)

It's easy! Just upload a photo that show us what YOU will wearing on Anarchy Island and once you get shortlisted to the top 24, you just need to do a video (1-2 minutes) to woo Fay on why you deserve this amazing trip. Check out the AXE Anarchy Island Getaway Contest.

If you need inspiration on what to wear, you can watch the MV of Nicole Scherzinger's Whatever You Like. They are really wet and wild!

Well,  this is what I wore to Pulau Kapas. A simple Kampung singlet from Pestle & Mortar together with a short pant. You might need a pair of good and durable sandals from Crocs too (especially when you are walking on a rocky surface.)

What are you waiting for? Join AXE Anarchy Island Beach Getaway Contest now and win your way to party with Fay Hokulani!

A contest brought to you by AXE Anarchy Malaysia

PS: Dear bloggers! AXE has reserved TWO (2) invites to the all-expense paid 4 Days 3 Nights trip, exclusively for you Nuffnangers! In addition, there will be 10 consolation prizes consisting of 1 year worth of AXE products worth RM200! Check out Nuffnang's Blog post for more info now!
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