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Samsung Global Blogger Beach Volleyball Olympic Horse Guard Parade
When I was young I never thought of what I will achieve in 20 years time. I've dream of becoming a doctor, a policeman, an architect, or even a professional gardener that blooms beautiful flowers. Some are inspired by people and some are just purely following the trend. If you've already know, I am just an ordinary guy with a Degree like most of the people do. But do we follow the road? Well for me I can't stand working from 9am to 5 pm in the same small space by just doing the routine work again and again. Until I found blogging.

Samsung Global Blogger Beach Volleyball Olympic Horse Guard Parade
Blogging is a turning point for me, and I started fall in love with photography along the way. It is much more fun by capture some photos and share it with the people around the world. I gotta admit that through blogging it has widen my knowledge about different place and culture, and that's where I met so many new friends who inspired me very well.

London 2012 Olympic Games - Tennis Roger Federal Denis Istomin Wimbledon
It is because of blogging, I can have more time to travel around the world. Getting new life experience by flying to a stranger place. I've just recently went to London for Olympic Games because I've won this trip through blogging. It was a really fun journey and I got almost 2 weeks time to explore this place. It surely widen my exposure to the world and this is just one milestone for my next challenge!

London Tower Bridge Olympic Rings Night Scene
I've always share my stories through photos instead of just boring words. It gives you more impression and long lasting memories when you read a story together with photo. I actually have so much more about my London trip to share and I hope you will stay tune to this space for more awesome photo stories.

London Love in a park
Sometimes I love to stay at one place and just notice things happen around me. I capture down what I saw through the camera and that's how my memories last and made it available to share with new friends and people around the world. For example the picture above, there was a lovely couple saying good bye to each other under the tree with beautiful sunshine on them. They might remember that moment for a day but not forever. I just hope one day they somehow stumble upon my blog and I will definitely give them the photo for sure! "Capture precious moments" is my way to record down my life story and also to hope the photos can inspire some other people too.

London 2012 Olympic Games - Tennis Roger Federal Denis Istomin Wimbledon
There were two cops walking on the street and I just took the chance to have a photo together. One of them was nice enough to lend me his cool hat to fit my huge head haha! I personally think that I am really lucky to stumble upon blogging and found my turning point through it. My life will never be so colourful and inspiring if I didn't start blogging and learn to take better photos.

London 2012 Olympic Games - Tennis Roger Federal Denis Istomin Wimbledon
This is how my dream house will looks like. A house that is combined with nature and modern technology.

Samsung Global Blogger London 2012 Olympic Open Ceremony Hyde Park-2071
Anyway,here's just a little bit of my inspiring story. Do you have one too? Do share with us and Be A Satellite Star. I would like to know your story too! Who knows you can inspire other people as well? =)

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I prefer Blue Horizon with the reflective skin finishing

Together with excellent graphic performance, USB 3.0 and it is only 1.99 kg in weight! I would like to own Blue Horizon because my world is made of blue sky! Just like the picture below.

London 2012 Olympic Games - Tennis Roger Federal Denis Istomin Wimbledon
Hammersmith @ London during Summer time

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