Raleigh Introduction Weekend Camp Dec 2011

Is monotonous city life getting you down? Do you think that you have more to offer than just succumbing to routine? Do you want to let loose and Get Out There? Then be a part of Raleigh KL!

Still not convinced? Then here are reasons why you should join our Introduction Weekend Camp Dec 2011!


1.Challenge your Limits,Go beyond your boundaries

First, let me explain that one of the main objectives of Raleigh KL is youth development.( As Raleigh is a NGO with the goal of accomplishing that). And their main event is the 3-month/10-week expedition. Expeditions are currently made to 3 countries: Borneo Sabah (right here in Malaysia!!), India and Costa Rica/ Nicaragua. Now before you can head off to any expedition, you must participate in a 3-day Introduction Weekend which provides a sort of simulation to an actual expedition.

So, by joining Raleigh KL, and ultimately going on an expedition, be prepared to push yourself further. Imagine wading through a river in “Leech Valley”, bearing extreme heights and climate to reach Kinabalu’s peak, sleeping under stars, trekking through untouched jungles and living everyday with only a knapsack to sustain you, and that’s just only a part of what an expedition offers.


Trekking during an expedition


At Bkt Melawati

2. Service to the community

Expeditions come in 3 phases. Besides the adventure phase, there is also an environmental phase where venturers (people who embark on expeditions) give their time and energy to be involved in community projects for the indigenous people. If your heart is set out to help the more needy people of our world and would like to see a community outside of our normal towns and cities, then this is your opportunity.


The framework of a hut in an Orang Asal village

3. Be closer to nature

One more phase of the expedition is the environmental phase. Throughout your expedition, you will technically be neighbors with the local fauna. Camps will be set up right in the jungle and chances of encountering many different species of animals are…quite high. =)

With the chances of breathing fresh air in the city growing slimmer and slimmer, wouldn’t you cherish the idea of being a green lung yourself? See new sights, feel the living jungle around you and be grateful for nature.


4. Acquire new skills!

The expedition isn’t the only event Raleigh has. It’s just one of the more major ones. We also have other more impromptu meetings among each other and scheduled meetings every month. On a recent monthly meet, members were treated to a kayaking course at Tasik Titiwangsa.


Kayaking at Tasik Titiwangsa


Don’t know what to do with life for now? Stuck at a metaphorical fork road? Why not take the chance to leave all your worries behind and discover yourself in new lands. Camping is always one of the most effective ways to let you loose and to help you forget all the troubles you face back in life.

Do you need some time for self-discovery? To find out who you truly are? Then try living your life on the road/track for 3 months. It does wonders =). Who knows what you will find out then.

The most important reason for you to join us is…!

6. The people!

If there was only one reason to join this society, it would be because of the awesome awesome people in it XD. People here come from all walks of life. Some are students, some are already in the working world or maybe they have already established families. But no matter what, they all come back to Raleigh to lend a hand if it’s a major event, or to just have fun. Their hearts don’t lie with Raleigh alone, they are also still youths like you and me and are keen to make a difference in this world. Furthermore, Raleigh people are all keen to help, to support you and to hear you out. They are people who are willing to give up their time to participate in the organisation’s activities =) A meeting was just recently conducted on a weekday night, when most of them would have probably rushed to after work/class.They form a band of brothers and sisters that would surely see each other through any rough weather =).


Last Day of IW March 2011

So, what are you waiting for? Take your first step by joining IW December 2011!!!

Closing date for registration is 9th December so wait no more!!!

There is also a discounted rate for registration before/on 28th November 2011 which is priced at RM65. Registration fee after that will be RM80. So enjoy the discounted rate by sending your forms in NOW!!

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=287205461302485

You can also contact Cynthia: 012 – 954 8007 or June: 012 – 976 8519 and also email to iw.secretariat@raleighinternational.org.my to know more!!

What’s a weekend, if it can change your life right?

PS: This is a community message on behalf of a Raleigh International friend.


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