Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 @ The Dome, Stadium Bukit Jalil

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The long awaited Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 is finally ready and welcoming our visit!! I have been curious about the sphere building that was built up at Stadium Bukit Jalil since few weeks ago and never know that it is Malaysia Grand Volkswagen Das Auto Show. Thanks Volkswagen for invite us bloggers to have a sneak peek in the Dome.

Took a photo with the backdrop before we went into the Volkswagen hall

There's actually a waiting room for all attendants. Food were being served and Volkswagen ambassadors took photo of the crowd with iPad2.

Thanks to the ladies who serve us foods before we go into The Dome

I played the simulator racing game while waiting for the event to start. I like the motion detectable steering because it made my race so real! Good that I won the race with Golf GTI =)

We were all invited to go into the Dome after a period of time. I was amazed with the structure of the dome and the picture above can't illustrate everything that I saw. It is a big sphere where we all sitting at the centre. Images were broad casted to the surface of the sphere and it has eventually become the 360 degree wide screen. More surprise was revealed after the speech!

Elaine Daly - the emcee of the event.

"Only when a brand deliver this much innovation, value and responsibility to the people, it is the car", Petra Schreiber, Marketing Director of Volkswagen Group Malaysia did an open speech sharing with us the story and the brand Volkswagen. Petra also share with us the history of Volkswagen and also announced that there will be a new Volkswagen Manufacturer located in Malaysia.

Soon after that, different Volkswagen car models were introduced to us by different Volkswagen Staff. Each of them was fetch into the dome with different Volkswagen model. Yes, the car was driving inside the Dome!

Here's Volkswagen Golf R

Another Volkswagen Staff introducing one of the Volkswagen model.

Now it is possible to have an automatic sliding car door. No more difficulties to open/close the door especially for kids and oldies =)

It was a surprise to see Petra drive in an electronic Volkswagen Scooter into the hall. It is moving so quietly and environmental friendly for sure. Note that the simple design on it yet remain the symbol of Volkswagen? I wish I can drive it in the park :)

Later then, something happened, all Volkswagen car models appear inside and driving around the Dome. saw the Volkswagen Polo appear at the corner? I was amazed with their concept of showcasing each and every Volkswagen model while other car model circling around the dome. So you will able to see all Volkswagen models spinning around. It is like a live mobile Volkswagen Das Auto. Show.

Daniel Tan, the VGM director of sales introducing every Volkswagen model to us

There it is, the Volkswagen EOS driving on top after transformation
I test drive it not long ago but never see it transform before. The transformation definitely looks nice!! I really like it.

More and more Volkswagen models were introduced by Daniel

The Volkswagen model with big rim

The 21st Century Beetle get the loudest cheers when it appear in the Dome =)
As usual, the classic is always the best!!
The red beetle look so cute!

Singing performance

"I'd reach, become stronger and higher" - Ella Aminuddin

It is cool to talk with Daniel Tan which is down to earth and humble. Thanks Ivan Kong for taking the photo =)

The moment the event end, everyone was eager to explore The Beetle

Including me!! The cute beetle

TeyCindy wore the matching red colour with the Beetle

Inside view of the Red Beetle

The view of the Beetle spread its wing widely before we leave the Dome

We were then lead to the next destination where all Volswagen car models are displayed inside there. Here's the sporty Scirocco. Each Volkswagen model will have a Volkswagen ambassador to help you take a photo with iPad2.

The Volkswagen EOS. Even more sporty!

TC, Tey Cindy and HuaiBin

Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen Golf is my first love when I test drive it during a trip to kelantan Tanjung Jara.
This is the Volkswagen Golf GTI!!

I am already imagining myself driving Volkswagen EOS to the beach on a sunny day haha.
To know what are the cars gonna showcased in this Das auto. Show, visit here.

That's all from me!! To all car lovers especially Volkswagen fans, you must come to Volkswagen Das auto Show 2011 which is happening and open for public this weekend! You can take photo with your favourite Volkswagen model just like us! Took a photo with Simon before we leave the Dome.

Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium Open Carpark
Date: 10 Sep 2011 - 11 Sep 2011

Do visit The Dome in the upcoming weekend for Volkswagen latest and hottest models. Come for a Volkswagen experience like never before and be among the first to see the new Polo Sedan, Jetta, Passat B7 & Touran.! For more information about Volkswagen Das Auto Show, visit

PS: Try to go early in the morning or during the time people went for lunch/dinner. As it is really crowded just now on Saturday. But still, do pay a visit to this amazing DOME for Volkswagen!

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