Suara Kami Konsert/ Karnival @ Stadium Merdeka Performing Artist

[Update] Took lots of photo during SuaraKami Concert and Carnival.Visit here for Konsert SuaraKami 2011 Exclusive Photos

Malaysian Youth can expect to party with some of the hottest names in music at the coolest youth concert, Suara Kami 2011 by Astro on 17th September 2011, 7.30pm at Stadium Merdeka.

Suara KAMI Konsert/Karnival 2011 @ Stadium Merdeka
12PM, 17 September 2011

SuaraKami Konsert/Karnival Press Conference @ Zouk KL
Outside Zouk was hot, inside Zouk was super cold O.o

@EanHitz will be the oen of the emcee for Suara Kami Concert & Carnival 2011

The press conference was started with No Noise Percussion's performance

No Noise Percussion incorporate junk percussion into their performances. They have created their own instruments and arranged the sounds and noises.

Some cool dance and synchronized movement were added to create an interesting musical and visual performance.Watch the video below:

“Music knows no boundaries. It is the common language amongst youth today. The Suara Kami 2011 Concert celebrates the spirit of Malaysian youth. It coincides with the significance of Malaysia Day and the event also marks ‘15 years of Astro with you’ – our valuable customers. We are making it a double celebration with international and local artistes to entertain all Malaysian youth”
Henry Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Astro Malaysia

The open ceremony of Suara Kami Concert and Carnival

There were tons of media with huge ass DSLR trying to grab the best photo. Sometime I wish everyone of us are willing to take turn to take nice photo for each other.

Anyhow, manage to grab a group photo of the local artists with concert organizer presented today at the press conference. Hujan, Faizal Tahir, Stacy, Hafiz, Lan Typewriter, Pop Shuvit, Mat Kidal, Joe Wings, Kid Search, Hillary Ang, Altimet, Psychounit Rabbit, Point Blanc , Ila Damia and Soul Krazy.

Another picture of the Malaysia artists @ Suara Kami Koncert/Karnival Press Conference

Some of the hottest names from the international music arena like K pop sensation Rania; award winning playback singers from India Naresh Iyer and Chinmayi; popular Canto pop singer from Hong Kong, Hins Cheung; and some of the hottest names in the local music scene like Yuna, Hujan, Faizal Tahir, Pop Shuvit, Lan Typewriter, Psycho Unit, Soul Krazy, Ruffneckz, Stacy and Malaysian Rock Legends such as Man Kidal, Kid Search, Joe Wings and Hillary Ang will be entertaining Malaysians with their high voltage performances at this concert, which is specially organized by Astro.

Rania - Korean's latest sensational 7-member group with their DR Feel Good

K pop fans can scream their hearts out with Semi, Riko, Jooyi, Di, Joy, T-ae and Xia, who are part of Korea’s latest sensational 7-member group, Rania. This group has been gaining much attention as their debut album was co-produced by the famous Teddy Riley, the one who’s responsible for the success of platinum-artists like Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga.

Rania (라니아) -DR Feel Good

One of the media asked why there are international act since Suara Kami Concert is happening in conjunction with Malaysia day and should only have local artist. Mr. Henry did an explanation by mentioning a lot of food names. I guess what he was trying to say is K-Pop is like a local favourite food/interest in Malaysia (Eg. Nasi Lemak) that unite us Malaysian.

Naresh Iyer and Chenmayi are well-received playback singers from India, having to cover songs for notable Tamil, Telugu, Tulu and Malayalam films. Naresh Iyer for instance has rendered film songs in several Indian languages and has several chart hits to his credit. Likewise, Chinmayi’s singing career soared after she made her Bollywood debut in MangalPandey with the song ‘Holy Re’. Being internationally renowned, Naresh Iyer and Chenmayi have had travelled all around the globe for concerts and world tours to entertain millions of fans.

Great news for Bollywood music fans =)

Altimet, Psychounit Rabbit, Point Blanc and Ila Damia performed “Malaysian Boy” and I kinda like the melody. Will upload the video soon.

Psychounit Rabbit
He look exactly like his logo

The cool DJ that play the music including Ila Damia's voice for "Malaysian Boy"

Point Blanc
*Victory pose*

*Same pose from Altimet, the Victory & peace pose*

Suara Kami Karnival Layout Map
*Click to enlarge*

Before the concert there is actually a carnival going on starting 12pm at Dataran Merdeka. Can’t wait to join in the party? Get warmed up first at our Suara Kami Carnival starting from 12PM to 7PM on 17 September 2011! Take a trip on the wild side and try out our extreme sports, show-off your gaming skills at our Interactive arena, bring out your inner style and accessorize at our youth bazaars or indulge in your favorite local fast food delicacies and rock out at our mini stage performances! Activities in the Suara Kami Carnival are as below,

• Gelanggang 801/Extreme Games
Featuring a F1 Simulator, Giant Jenga, Ole KO, Fooseball, Sepak Bola, Lagenda Arena, Paintball, Gladiator, Wall –Climbing, Rodeo Bull and Half-pipe Ramp

• Youth Bazaar
Browse the latest trends in fashion apparels and accessories in the youth bazaar as well as you’re your hands on compulsory concert supplies. There will be booths for airbrush tattoos and caricatures.

• Interactive Arena
Release your inner gamer at our Interactive Arena. A host of console platform games await you, namely the PlayStation 3, Xbox and the Wii!

• Food & Beverage
Refresh and recharge with an array of local and international food at our food and beverage booths.

• Mini Stage
The Mini Stage during the Carnival will feature a host of local artistes in the schedule in the next page;

[MTV] Altimet, DJ Fuzz, Ila Damiaa, Point Blanc, Rabbit Mac - Malaysian Boy

Mini Stage
12.30pm Floor Fever (ASTRO Battleground 2010 2nd Runner Up dance performance)
1.13pm Mynoriti (featuring Hazama, Zahid, Toi, Afiq & Yazer)
1.53pm Indie artist : Darren Ashley
2.16pm Indie artist : Diandra Arjunaidi
2.39pm Indie artist : Rashdan Harith
3.20pm Indie artist : Narmi
3.43pm Indie artist : Bedroom Sanctuary
4.06pm Indie artist : Liyana Fizi (Must support!!)
4.29pm Indie artist : Tilu
4.52pm Indie artist : Kyoto Protocol
5.32pm Battleground champion : Soul Krazy
5.55pm Hafiz AF & Jaclyn Victor

12pm - 6pm Caged futsal : 1-on-1 Ole KO
6pm - 7pm Prize giving ceremony for caged futsal
12pm - 7pm Interactive arena - Wii games(2), X box games(2), PS 3 games(2)
12pm - 7pm Inflatables wipe out / extreme games - Wall climbing(1), paintball shooting range(1), gladiator(1), half pipe ramp(1)

12pm - 7pm Youth bazaar(12) starts - fashion apparels(5), accessories(4), concert fancy stuff(1), airbrush tattoo(1), caricature(1)
Astro booth(3) - product showcase & sales

Interactive booth - wii games, PS3 games, X box games
Gelanggang 801 - F1 simulator, Lagenda Arena, Giant Jenga, foosball, OLE KO, Sepak Bola
Food & beverages booth - Fast food, finger food, mamak style food

7pm Carnival ends

Stadium Merdeka Parking Area *click for larger view*

How to go Stadium Merdeka?
Getting to Suara Kami is easy, Here's a quick guide to:
  1. Using Public Transport [download PDF]
  2. Drive Yourself [download PDF]
  3. Finding Parking [download PDF]

Malaysians can also catch The Suara Kami concert on 17 Sept, 8.30pm on these channels - Astro RIA (Channel 104), Raya HD (Channel 188), Astro AEC (Channel 301), AstroVaanavil(Channel 201),AstroHitz (Channel 705), TV2 and TV9 who are our media partners. There will also be live streaming on, Astro WAP portal and

Admission to the concert is FREE and ticket reservations are available on Limited tickets are given out DAILY through the official website. If you aren’t able to register at the website, that means that the daily limited tickets are out, and you can try again tomorrow.

Alternatively watch out for ticket giveaways on or on Astro official Twitter account @suarakami2011. Watch out for upcoming competitions on website of Hitz, Era, THR Raaga and radio stations.

TC and Ean

Friends! Rebecca Saw, Kevin Chow, Azaria, TC and Sophia

For those of you who have successfully reserved your tickets online, please make sure you redeem them from 10th - 16th Sept from 9am - 5pm, and 17th Sept from 9.30am - 12pm at Stadium merdeka.

In spirit with the celebration of youth, Nuffnang are giving away 50 pairs of tickets to some lucky Nuffnangers, courtesy of Astro! If you’d like to catch some of the biggest local and international artistes in the music industry, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post and tell us what you love most about the youth of Malaysia. Is it the passion for the stuff we like, or maybe it’s our love for our country no matter what? You tell us! :)

The 50 most creative comments will win a pair of tickets to Suara Kami concert each, so hurry and leave a comment now at this page! :) For more details on Suara Kami, check out or Like & Follow Astro @ FB & @SuaraKami2011 on Twitter.

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Konsert SuaraKami 2011 Exclusive Photos

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