Volkswagen TSI & DSG Experience: The Polo

In October 2010, fortunately I was one of the invited blogger to have Volkswagen Think TSI, Think DSG driving experience. We are able to test drive three different Volkswagen: The Polo, The Golf & The Scirocco. All thanks to NuffnangMY again for this once in a life time experience =D

We gathered at The Saujana, Subang. I was almost late because my alarm malfunction ;p

Some big guys from Volkswagen Malaysia

Today's Volkswagen highlight: The Polo

Polo's Dual Clutch Transmission with Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG)
Manufactured by VWAG in Germany

This is our first road map - Drive from Saujana, Subang to Hyatt Kuantan with total 307km

There are several pit stop for us to switch driver. This is to let other people take turn to be the driver, passenger, and road guide. On all three car: The Polo, The Golf & The Scirocco

He is our navigator leader for this whole trip. He designed the road we should drive on and the tulips

Above is what we will do. There will be a lead car and sweeper car. It is good to have a GPS on each and every car =D

Total 15 Volkswagen (Polo, Golf + Scirocco) for us to drive~!

Our first car, The Polo.
So here goes my "first time" given to Volkswagen

Tey Cindy spotted~

My heart was beating fast and I tend to be careful with it, why?
  • It doesn't belongs to me
  • Two peoples' life (Suannie and Donald Cheah) are in my hands
  • Sweeper car behind sweeping me lol (I drive quite slow when compared with all the pro test drive peeps)

Do you know that Volkswagen Polo is the car of the year 2010?

There are some controller on the driving panel. You can answer/make a call by pressing the buttons. kinda like the design =)

It was quite fun when you are in the car as the passenger of a professional driver. Donald Cheah fully make use of the car by trying the DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) for quick manual drive.

Isn't it cool to see Volkswagen Van as the coffee Bar?
It is like back to 70's for me but yet with a trendy style

Had a quick break with food.

What do I feel when I driving the VW Polo?
Small and simple is my first impression on VW Polo. But I changed my mind when I start driving it. I guess it is because of the turbocharged TSI engine and direct shift gearbox DSG, I find the auto change gear is quite smooth. My impression about auto switch gear is that the car will emit loud noise before changed to higher gear. But it seems like it changed quite smooth. It doesn't emit much noise when you drive fast too.

VW Polo's seat space is wide enough to fit four person comfortably and you won't feel packed. It is a good enough car to have. Inside the car you can figure out there are lots of electric device provided too.

Stay tune on on my driving experience with VW Golf

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