Volkswagen TSI & DSG Experience: The Golf & Scirocco

Harlo guys, my Volkswagen TSI & DSG Experience continues here. Last post I was talking about the driving experience of The Polo. Today I am gonna share about Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen Scirocco.

Above picture was taken when I was resting behind in Volkswagen Golf. The space is wider when compared with the Polo. Out of all three I personally like The Golf the most because not only it is more comfortable, the automatic speed up is very smooth too =) With just a soft press on the paddle, I can easily reach 140 km/h++. Usually when you driving that fast the car already emitting sound and vibrate but not for Golf. You still can enjoy the music in the car without all those annoying noise. If you ask me I will definitely pick Golf because I can fetch my parents comfortably.

As for The Scirocco, it is more suitable for couple who like small and faster pick up speed. Since it has only two door, it won't be suitable for my parents/grandparents to sneak into the car through the front door. Yes you need a flexible back like the young one =)

However, I quite like the design where you open the door there is no window frame around the window. Make it looks more classy and suite with a driver wearing a sunglasses. Not sure if you know the feel ;p

So all in all, choose The Polo if you don't need a very large car with good enough performance to drive safe & fast on the road. Get The Golf if you have many friends and family to enjoy the comfortable space. Get The Scirocco if you are the one who like to have racing feel especially the interior design.

Okay starting now I will share more about the photo I took during the Volkswagen trip:

Thanks to the tulips we reach the destination without much hassle =)

Don't you think Volkswagen New Beetle is cute? I will definitely get one if I have the money $.$

Arrived at Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort for lunch and that's Joshua Ong behind =)

The big gun photographer who has fluffy hair, hence I name him Mr. Fluffy
Should I go fluffy on my next haircut? ;p

Nice beach view around Hyatt Kuantan Resort. Too bad no time to hang out around as we need to go to next pit-stop after a short break. Or else, you will already see me climb on the rocks and rawr.

My moment captured by Mr Fluffy, the photographer

Introduce myself to Uncle Josh a.k.a. Jorge Lee, read his blog long long time ago but seems like he is busy with his photography works =)
Do drop by his Joshua.Lee - Facebook Photo page

There are tons of food to indulge but my stomach wasn't that big. How I wish I am a cow with four stomach~!

My intake. Broccoli is one of my favourite vegetable because of its nutrients

Took some scenery photo around the beach. "Ang-Mo" like the sun because they won't get dark easily.

Not sure how this place will looks like at night. But definitely can be an enjoyable place to stay.

This is the red & sexy Scirocco that we are having right after The Golf. It is really nice to have the Polo first, Golf second then adrenaline rush for Scirocco. Two exhaust pipe that can create "Broom-broom" sounds

Can you see Scirocco's curve through its side mirror?

Pass by palm oil tree estate while enjoy the view as a passenger ;p
Donald Cheah is driving fast and safe. Enjoyed the ride =D

Imagine all 15 VW cars including Polo, Golf and Scirocco drive in one line. Awesome view!

Scirocco also can easily pick up at 140km/h
Read more about Suannie's VW driving experience here, she can drive really fast =D

I am still curious with this, why are there so many flag on the lake? Is it a kind of territory sign?

It is usual to see Jawi's writing on the road sign as we are now in Kelantan~!

Tanjung Jara resort - A place for all of us to relax and enjoy the night with great dinner. Stay tuned for next post~! Happened to take lots of scenery at this place =)

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