TM Office in a Box | Seoul Garden

Was invited to a TM event early in June which organized at Seoul Garden at Plaza Pantai. A company/corporate event I can say.

It is a lunch event where people get to eat and TM introducing Office in a Box.

Once the soup were poured you are free to grab your foods

Vegetables eggs and mee

Those toufu with hot dog and bla bla bla that makes you full in short time. In my opinion, went to Seoul Garden must eat the meat dishes instead of these =)

This area suits me. Various kind of meat with different sauces. Got Black Pepper, Char Siew, Sze Chuan chicken, Terriyaki Fish, Patin Chili, Keli Curry +++

Some seafood included. The foods in Seoul Garden tasted not bad especially the barbeque dishes. They were finished very fast.

Jack Tam was introducing Office in a Box (OIB) about what it offer. This include 1Mbps Business broadband, RM88 worth of call value, Free Wireless Modem Lifetime Warranty, Custom email address, 1 Streamyx Zone ID, 1GB e-storage, FREE Businessline Monthly Rental, Free Dect Phone. These all for only @ RM198/month.

There are better package too. The OIB(Office in a Box) Plus with better feature that cost only @ RM248.

The event was organize during lunch time. That's why people tends to busy eating =S

This is Jack Tam the speaker

Free BBPhone as mentioned earlier with the package

The OIB Package also include BitDefender Software

Here is the comparison chart between OIB Basic, OIB Plus, and SOHO 1Mbps. Apparently with just extra RM50/month you can upgrade your SOHO 1Mbps to OIB Basic with much more new features and goodies.

By looking at the customer point of view, you can actually save using the OIB package.

What's the benefits of using OIB? You will able to expand your business globally, increase sales, owns a unique identity, improve customer retention, build a valuable customer database, enhance advertising effectiveness too!

If you have further enquiries, please feel free to contact Jack Tam and Asmal Zainal about TM's Office in a Box =)

Between, thanks for the lunch treat in Seoul Garden.

PS: Here is a message to Seoul Garden Plaza Pantai. You don't switch off your airconditioner while people haven't finish eating kay? It is very hot once you switched it off. We all become super smelly too with the oil because of bad air circulation. So, hope you can improve~


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