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Long long long long time ago.... In February went to Rev-Up event that was organized at Euphoria. Was welcomed by 2 pretty girls and it definitely rev me us up. Like the photo session and on the spot photo printing service provided by them. We just post and shoot then wala! We will have our photo:

First photo shooting in the progress

Here's the end result. Btw, he is Evo bro that can act cute at anytime, wahaha

Sure need to camwhore with them la ;p

Really Rev-Up ha?

After finished the shoot we can get our photo instantly ;p

Put on the frame

Here is the mini Facebook photo frame with photo that I get

It will also uploaded on to Facebook on the same day too~!

Me and YiWern~

Almost forgot, the receptionist also pretty and handsome too =D

Saw Rames there and asked for guide on how to do the setting for my D90. Second time use my D90 for event ar ;p Still a noob here.

Thanks for the photo + glue couple

Thanks to the Printer Man too

Event started with she singing

Dina she is!

In the event was shoot by secret agent the Mafia guy

Both DJ Loser [Ean + MeiYan] need to be poked by the crowd

Hafiz poked something...soft?

When you are not with friend who have camera and not sure how to use DSLR. U can only be the photographer instead of get into the picture =S

MeiYan is pretty ar

Again another pict of the being poked DJ

Phat boy can dance and make his "phat" bounce

"Big wave bomb~!"

RM3000 cash price were given to the best photo of Rev-Up contest

My six-sense always able to detect lovely couple. I should become a paparazzi ha? ;p

Not sure if you know that DJ Ean like to.....Hugging~


And hugging~! But Ean look at the lower part wei. LOL

Met some of my classmates in the event. Pay Fong rock~! ;p

The singer who sing "closer" and really get closer to the lady

This guy won RM300 with his photo crashing a rev-up can. He is showing how strong he is too!

That's whyAznil Haji Nawawi give him a real new can to crash. Haha!

Noticed Pop shuvit's member clap hand like that. Super duper feminine I can say

But they are different after start singing and playing the instrument
Keep it up Pop Shuvit =)

Suddenly the cannon were fired and everyone shouted

Time for special pict~

JJ won the prize and Earn was surprised

DJ Jason also won Rm3000 =)

As for Aznil Haji Nawawi he won the big prize and decided to donate all of it~! Bravo~!

This is the best photo that won the photo contest~

Congratz on winning the RM5000 cash~

Last singing performance before the event end

Camwhored with Hafiz and Kelvin

With YiWern an Hafiz

I guess this is why Hafiz keep remind me to upload the photo. Sorry for disappointing you that I only blog about this now haha =S

Kinda like this bird nest lamp~

Claimed the prize for a friend to deposit my good karma.


That time Chinese New Year celebration still on at Sunway

Tried to do some model shoot but phailed at focusing =S

Play a bit with the shining ball

Last but not least, I touched "Cai Shen's Yuan Bao" and say Huat la~! That's how you make yourself feel more lucky~! =D

PS: Sorry for super duper long delayed post ya. Hope you don't mind read old stuff. Opps! My Chinese New year holiday also haven't blog about it!!


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