Genting Highland Trip with Opening Clam

Early in April I went to Genting Highland with friends 3 days s after the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair @ TimeSquare which get into Malaysia Books of Records. We were there just to enjoy the cold cool weather and hanging out together. No advertorial or event la, for your information =)

Let's start the story~!

Spotted this cat sleeping gently when we are heading to a shop for breakfast

Which photo do you prefer? The previous one or this one, full body view =)

First time saw the LOOOOONG Dim Sum. I guess they lazy to cut into half =/

ChunJin is the driver, thanks for the ride along the whole trip~! You can see we are in cable car now. Do visit his new blog CJ's Corner~!

First place that we visit is the garden

Then I saw two busy bug following the law of nature - Mating & Breeding

It was very cloudy in the morning. Outdoor themepark haven't open yet.

Friends who goes along are Hasegawa Soujiro, Yen Ting, PickSan an Clement Lim

One of the photo shoot for the flowers =)

"Looking for Belle? 24 hours on"
I guess this is ads for "extra services", you know what I mean.

These bear used to looking good and play good music. However now they are looking super scary, "mata sepet" now, head cannot move keep staring at the kids. Never ever let your kids staring at them for too long, they will get nightmare!

Pose with angel, the angel behind give you water

Taken near the outdoor themepark

We like this shuttle train

The Ultra Red camera outside of casino reminded me of the fart video

"All About Men Live In Genting" I am Bosco for 3 seconds, lol

Hang out at Starbuck for a cold drink instead of hot one because it is not cold at all. =(

How I wish the mist can visit us when we are sitting at the Starbuck.

We actually say bye bye to them who going to Genting on the way back. Kinda fun especially when they wave back =D

Off we went to have lunch at "Long Gei"/ "Long Ji"

One of the famous dish is this Meat Crisps

As for me I like this Clam Opening Dish =D

You will able to see the Clam open their mouth slowly when cooking it. Enjoy the movie~!

Harlo handsome and pretty, thanks for always visit my blog and appreciate for every comment that you've left at here =)

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"If you have a dream, you gotta work HARD for it." That's what I am doing now~!

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