DiGi Smart Plan Break Free Party | Ecoba PJ Trade Centre

The sun has went to sleep but the "glowing yellow light" still shine on us. 100++ bloggers and guests were gathered together at Ecoba (PJ Trade Centre) for DiGi Smart Plan Break Free Party. First of all, thanks to my "Smartphone can be Dumbphones" blog post which help me get a pairs of special invites from Nuffnang =) You can join this party too if you are a DiGi Evangelist~!

make gif

At first, we were all locked up in the "Dumphone Jail"

Don't we looks like the birds that was trapped in the cage now?

Luckily there are three pretty DiGi Freedom Fighters that saved and released us from the "Dumbphone Jail" =D

Yeah! We were free to join the DiGi Smart Plan Break Free party now~! Seems like not only us were being saved =)

There are more people who were released to enjoy the party that night~! Thank you DiGi & Ecoba for serving us unlimited small foods and I do appreciate for that =)


The party was started when we saw the emcee (Julie Voon) being locked up with chains. We the "prisoners" and "villains" were told to save her up by looking for the password to unlock all the locks.

However we bloggers did what we pro at first, we snap Julie's-Being-Lock-Up-Photo then only go to help her.

This explain what she is thinking

Most of us continue to take more photo of Julie until she shout for help. Haha, sorry ar, can't help taking more nice photo of you la.

make gif

We went to the park outside Ecoba and look for the password that was hiding among the trees. Thanks for the dangerous fire-breathing Charmeleon that help us lit up the area. Never get to near to them ya, they are too hot!

More and more keys were found to unlock the locks.

But then still have one lock to unlock....

Oppops, it is mine turn to unlock Julie. Wahaha ;p
Code *6800*, *0068*, *0680* all represent DiGi Smart Plan, RM68/month

We, the team named Chicanos Burritos manage to find one pass-code. And one of the group manage to find more than 1 codes to release Julie! That's why they won the mysterious prizes - A very nice watch for each and everyone if I am not wrong =)


We were given 3 To-do-list after Julie was saved. Each team will get a BlackBerry Curve 8250 equipped with DiGi SmartPlan to help us complete all three tasks.

1. Perform a team war cry using three keywords [Freedom, RM68, Smart Plan, ]
2. Beg for mercy and ask for freedom

3. Perform a group prison dance.

This is the moment we Chicanos Burritos gathered up and work as a team =D

We check out the task through Twitter and start brain storming for ideas.
*Do I look like typing fast? "Gan Jiong" you know?*

There was a team with Catwoman looking for batman with a whip. They are the first team to perform if I am not wrong. *Dialog was based on my imagination*

After a few teams it is Chicanos Burritos's turn to show their best~! I hope we were calm enough to finish all task on stage =)

This is our war cry, "FREEDOM today, RM68 we pay, DG SMARTPLAN is the way~!". Short and simple right? =D All thanks to MsXeroz.

Second task we begging for mercy and pleaded the judges, "We beg and plead, fall to our knees, DiGi SmartPlan please set us free!"

This is the moment we were set free by DiGi =D

Of course Chicanos Burritos are happy =D

Third and last task, we were leaded by Aimar to do the Chicken Dance.
*Shake, shake, shake to your left, shake to your right, and shake to your front back, and turn a big round~!*

After finished all the tasks, Chicanos Burritos were relieved and gather up for a family photos [MsXeroz, Xeroz, AtreyuStrange, Aimar, YiWern, Jack "Marsboy", Rachel "Kokonut", Iriene, James, Jemsen & Shaline]

Another team with Feminine Joker, whom I believed was locked up by Batman too was trying to break free herself. *hiak~!*

Here is the only video I manage to record during the event =) Enjoy their Prison dance~!

After all groups finish doing the 3 task, we all waiting patiently an hope for the best for the result.

Guess what, I never expected our team (Chicanos Burritos) will win because we just try our best to finish the task =D I guess great teamwork and ideas that made us shine =D

This is the small little torchlight that we won~! MAG-LITE SOLITAIRE.

Because of its small size, I can now keep it with me almost all the time for emergency use .
Chicanos Burritos rock~!


After the game finished, suddenly there was this yellow shirt guy being caught by the policeman.

Attention: The following story line has been altered based on personal memory and insane creativity on telling a story based on the pictures. Apologies if there is any similarity with your story. It is all because of the so-called coincidence.

Yellow guy was locked in the jail and wonder why he was being caught. Is it because he was eating too much?

Because of the popularity and wide use of social media, one of the policeman can't resist to check if Yellow Guy have a Facebook account.

The policeman found out that the yellow guy is using the same telco internet package for unlimited surfing on all social media using Blackberry smartphone. It is DG Smart Plan~!

By the way, the yellow guy name is Kenny Chia (KennySia + AmberChia)

Then they start sharing about the benefits of using DG Smart Plan on their smartphones =)

However we all know that there could be another person that looks alike like KennySia at different place right? Further more he is wearing a yellow shirt too?! Picture credits to KennySia.com

Suddenly the policeman saw the tweets from @Kennysia that he is with @Cheeerland her in Kuching now. Haha they caught the wrong person!

*Personally I think both of them can be a loving couple. Oh wait, am I the last one to know they are together? Haha, I remember KennySia did a blogpost/research on Ringo's fashion sense. That's what a person would do to understand more about someone right? God bless them~*

In the end the policeman apologies for captured the wrong person and released Kenny Chia. They still keep in touch on Facebook because of the cheap mobile internet package and Kenny Chia promised to visit the gym more frequent to slim down. Why? To prevent being recognized as Kenny Sia again!

The sketch was proudly presented by Team Momentum

Team Momentum inmmediatelly have admirer keep snapping their photo after the show =)

The performance was not over yet. It was continue by Team Velocity's performance. U Shane did an awesome beatbox performance.

U Shane dressed as one of the prisoners =)

There was another challenge being brought up and it is to rap by referring to the above paragraph and follow U Shane's beats. First three who come up on stage finish the task can get the mystery prizes.

Team Velocity demonstrated on how to do it first. Then it was followed up by the talented bloggers. One of our teammate Iriene was the stunning rapper if you saw how she rapped. Too bad I was too stunt to snap photo of her la ;p

Team Velocity, all the best for breaking free and wish you gained lots of vote and support =)

Even the dolls have something in mind already.

I was surprised to see Miss Malaysia World 2007 - Deborah Priya Henry appeared in this DG Break Free event as one of the judges. She is so elegant and beautiful =)

YiWern was happy to meet Hansen Lee at the event too =D
He is super duper tall, 1.89m ar!

If you have read my "Smartphone can be Dumbphones" blog post , then you would know there was a HTC Legend waiting to be won by the Best Dressed Blogger.

make gif

If Ninja Teh Tarik Memoir able to do this stunt (invisible) I am sure he would win the best dressed category ;p

After a tough fight among all the prisoners and villains, Cruela De Vil (Debbeh) stand out and won the HTC Legend Mobile phone~!

As for the best pre-event blog post, Jolyn Goh the Sylvester won and now own a BlackBerry 9700~! Do you know you need creativity and efforts to win this contest? Go visit her blog now to see her winning entry. I also want one BB =D

Here is a closer view of Jolyn Goh as the cute Sylvester

The event has goes to an end and I remember U Shane performed again on the stage =)

That means it is time for me to return back the BlackBerry Curve which was powered with DiGi Smart Plan....Hope to see you or your brother BB 9700 again~!

We mingle around with other bloggers and took our opportunity to take photo with the emce Julie Woon and other bloggers. Nice to meet all members of Chicanos Burritos [MsXeroz, Xeroz, AtreyuStrange, Aimar, YiWern, Jack "Marsboy", Rachel "Kokonut", Iriene and her family member] and I can't wait for attending another event like this again~!

These are just some of the photo taken, will share more on FaceBook album =D

Please don't allow your smartphone to be a dumbphone okay? Visit DiGi's website to know more about the awesome smart plan. Who knows you might bump into Kenny Chia on FB?


  1. Woww!!Superb entry..LIKE for 100 time..ahaks..last task bro..no wonder that night heavy rain..tianchad is dancing not shaking..ahaks..ahaks..Gud luck bro

  2. nice post! do till in the morning ha ;) hopefully will win =D

  3. [JAI]
    Thank you Jai =)
    Just try my best to write the best =D

  4. [Wern]
    Aiya you found out already ;p
    Hopefully~! *finger crossed*

  5. "Do you know you need creativity and efforts to win this contest?" - Best quote of the month! Haha!

    Ok, want to curi your pictures for my blog entry as well. Hope you don't mind, huhu~ I'm not gonna compete with any of you this time though, so good luck to all who participate to win the Blackberry! Hehe.

    so nice ur post!!!
    Good job, yo!

    You so creative no need partner like me liao! ahahaha

  7. [atreyu strange]
    Haha I gues ur post kinda give me some inspiration~
    I am very happy when people use my photo to blog ar, of course need to credit la haha. Thank you for the good luck~!

  8. [MsXeroz]
    Haha thanks! Do you know Chicanos Burritos won't rock without you? Creative friend like you are mean to be kept la. who say no need anymore?

  9. hahah how la was I suppose to be invincible? I hide my face also people can still recognize me... haih...

    great post mate!

  10. [Teh Tarik Drinker]
    Haha ;p I guess they smelled teh tarik panas la, that's why~!

  11. [Nicholas Chay]
    Wah long time didn't see you blog ar =)
    Thanks for the goodluck~!
    *pray hard hard*

  12. wow the party is awesome! like your post so much! like x100 i should say

  13. Oh no~ TianChad, here's one of your competitor! and also from Chicanos Burritos too!


    Hope there's more events like this and we all can be a team again!

    Good luck both teammates!

  14. [v!vi@n]
    Thanks =) Yeah it is super fun with every sporting bloggers~

  15. [MsXeroz]
    We are in one team okay? Wish us luck in winning the BB~! =D

  16. Whoa.. Superb Post!!
    Real creative... Gez ur gonna make history repeat and win it just like how you won LG ^^

  17. [LilMeJo]
    Haha thank you~! Hope to make another history in brand new year~ ;p
    *finger crossed*

  18. wish u all the best! photos are nice! so bright...:) like DIgi colour

    it's the small things that lead to bigger things. i trust u'll have ur share. good luck tian chad!

  19. [Devi da Lil' DeviL Photography]
    Yay yay =D Thanks for the blessing~!
    Good luck good luck~!

  20. **foot print**
    Thanks for ur nanged..!
    Nanged and clicked on your adv.!
    Cya around..! Thanks... :)

  21. [keLiCious]
    Haha =) Thanks for dropping by~
    Do come again ya~!

  22. CONGRATULATIONS BRO!!! OK LET SHARE THE BB cut into two..ahaks..ahaks..

  23. [JAI]
    Woot! Thanks for the good news!
    If it is a cake I won't mind to share =D
    Cos BB cut into half = no benefits to both of us yo ;p

  24. congrats Tianchad! now BB edi, no more LG? lolol.

  25. [Devi]
    Thanks for the wishes~!

    Haha! Not yet BB-fied la ;p
    I will still use LG la

    THank you Chris~!

    [Aimi A.Z]
    Thanks Aimi~ =D

    Thank you =)

  26. hey! congratz on winning! =D

    you got the "brother" 9700 after all xD

  27. [Зו В๑๑i™ •×]
    Thank you =) I wonder how to pronounce ur nickname.
    Is it Ex.Booi? haha

  28. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! I am so
    happy to know that both winners are from Chicanos Burritos :) I love your creativity especially the Invisible Ninja. All the best & hope to see you all again :D
    Warmest regards : Iriene, James, Jemsen & Shaline

  29. [Iriene]
    Harlo Iriene thanks for the congratz =D Really nice to have you all in the same team ar ;p

    Thanks for like my post too =D

  30. [Devi da Lil' DeviL Photography]
    Yay yay =D Thanks for the blessing~!
    Good luck good luck~!

  31. hahah how la was I suppose to be invincible? I hide my face also people can still recognize me... haih...

    great post mate!


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