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Friendscino (Damansara Perdana), where last time used to be Frienster Cafe. It is real hard for me to find this place because my GPS died off when I eager to explore the new road without knowing the battery finish so fast. Ends up I was late for Crocs Malaysia Website launch event and kinda miss some of the story.

Crocband Nation Limited Edition collection

Crocband Nation Limited Edition collection - which one do you like?

Five Malaysia bloggers were appointed as Crocs Malaysia's official blogger
This is Marcky
*Woot saw my face on his blog ~!*

We were together in Crocs' charity event at Rumah kids. First time visited Rumah Kids and Zee Avi was there to support the event too~ Check them out~!

Congratz to Chris Tock(@spinzer) , Marky(@marc_ky), Ellie Chee(@Missycheerio), Rebecca Saw and Feeq (@meaningfool) to become Crocs first 5 official blogger =)

Tony Stark said," Take off your socks and put on your crocs, we're getting wet!"

After the appointment of bloggers and offical launch of Malaysia Croc's website. We are now free to eat~! *this time the food all tasted so so only, Friendscino remember to improve ya*

Saw this lamp and it looks kinda nice when combine with the plant.

We bloggers camwhored and camwhored and camwhored when there are lots of us in the same place. This is Ellie and WenPink(The Miss Malaysia Airline)

Rebecca Saw - A very hardworking blogger with nice food review blog post =)

Jonathan Yip - Young blogger and photographer, full potential of become a professional event buaya photographer especially for race car and night event .

Jason Ong and Amelia Ling

Me, Jeremy Choy, Moe Nasrul and Amelia Ling

Bumped into the birthday girl JunJunRiko at Friendscino and managed to take a group photo.

Last but not least, visit their newly launched websites here:



Twitter : @crocsmalaysia

PS: Missed my chance to win some Crocs prize because I arrived late. So the lesson is, make sure you don't depend too much on your GPS, and don't explore new place when you don't have enough time to get lost. =D

Look at the brightside I still manage to reach Friendscino by myself! Muahaha~


  1. [theeggyolks]
    Woot I guess you are the first one read all the words ;p
    Thanks for the wish~!

  2. Must remember to recharge the battery or standby extra battery lorrr..anyway nice photo..full of color..

  3. [JAI]
    Haha! Yeah! Never ever let my self get lost without a spare battery~! thanks for comment~


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