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This Saturday (5th June) was Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King's Birthday) and I visited MidValley with YiWern to support RedMummy @ Astro B.yond PVR RoadShow. Thank god to Public holiday the traffic not so jam for me. Here's my previous post about Astro B.yond PVR Roadshow.

That's the reason I support RedMummy when I ask for blessing =)
*I wish I was blessed enough for something big in coming July~!*

At the road show you will able to see Power Ranger Optimus Prime recruiting for vote.

But not only him is thirst for vote. All 4 bloggers does~!

BeautifulNara belanja you to watch movie LBS if you vote for him. Hm what is LBS~?

RedMummy used the "He is so kaya" and "Mummy of 2" tricks

All we have to do to support is to write our name on the list

This is how you do to get more votes. I mean lots of votes!

There was an uncle who visited Astro B.yond PVR booth and let the blogger to grab for vote. Of course Redmummy got the votes again. Haha. All their face expression are just so natural ;p

Not forget to take photo with them, BeautifulNara - Gossip King =)

Abang Sirman, the husband of RedMummy.

RedMummy - with "Ong" winning spirit

EiLing - Looks very sweet

Eyeris - Good at movie review

And also transformation to Optimus Prime!

Eyriqazz - A husband and a father who is blogging well =)

MohdZaid - A guy who won an iPhone 3GS recently. A great blogger too.


After both me and Yiwern voted for RedMummy, then we went to "wander" in Mid Valley to burn up the time and be back at 5.30pm for final round support. If both of us have lots of extra money, would have went to shopping at many store with mid year sales. Too bad we don't =S

Found out that the world of female about make up can be so colourful

Saw the lights passes through the jersey? This prove that they are having a very thin layer of fiber. That's why you feel cool when wearing it.

The Nike booth is nicely + creatively decorated. This is just one side of the corner.

Will share another post about what we do in MidVally as it would be a very long post if I included it here.

Some of the Nuffies who are working hard for this event on a weekend + holiday! Hope they have extra pay for that =)

HuaiBin was the emcee for the event + contest =)

EiLing is a natural poser. I suggest she go for model photo shoot =)

"I am not handsome but I am kind. Please vote me!", BeautifulNara

This is the moment where other bloggers come to sabotaj/hijack their laptop ;p
KimberlyCun and KySpeaks was there

Witness an aggressive battle among all 4 bloggers for the Astro B.yond PVR Remote Control. 300 points is a lot to help you win!

Elecoldxhot was there to perform but I saw four members only with less attractive performance =S What happen to you guys?

Danny Koo (Danny Boy) 許佳麟 was there to perform song in 3 different language. Didn't know he could be so funny on his YouTube Video too. I feel that he is not singing that well compared to Youtube's video. Maybe because too much audience?

Yi Wern said Danny Koo looks a bit like Jay Chow wor. What do you think?

Luckily we stay back to see the performance brought to us by Katoon Network Dance Crew.

Like the second dancer the most because of his extra funny face expression all along the performance. Must watch okay~!

*Drums roll* Guess who is the winner by looking at this picture~!

Happy RM won Astro B.yond PVR =D

All four bloggers were requested to pose with the light bulb Astro B.yond buttons. They glow in dark one ar =D BeautifulNara won the best pose ;p

Last but not least, here is a photo of all the bloggers, Astro and Nuffnang crews~!

I wish I have extra money for a flash gun.

And this the Astro B.yond Stress Ball that I got form the goodie bags beyond my butt.
Ops! Mybutt need destress too!

Noticed the header of my blog has changed? Any comment? =D


  1. haha. I supposed you might want to invest in a 24mm prime or maybe a 50mm prime first.

    big aperture brings in more light and it could help.

  2. [ButterCup]
    Ya wor good idea~! =D Wish I have enough money for that son~! ;p

  3. Love malaysian great talents^^ thx for sharing, but now i really miss KL >_<" dun get much of these in Penang let alione Kedah -_-"

  4. [Glo-w~*]
    You are welcome =)
    Come to KL and be ready for the traffic jam then =)

  5. nice to meet you. I too fat to be a model la! lol...

  6. [eiling lim]
    You are not fat la, just average and good for photoshoot~ =)

  7. Hey, I remember you! Thanks for coming to support us! :D

  8. [eyeris]
    Wah thanks for recognize me ;p
    You are welcome~!

  9. nice to meet you. I too fat to be a model la! lol...

  10. Hey, I remember you! Thanks for coming to support us! :D


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