Astro B.yond PVR's Winner @ Mid Valley RoadShow

A sneak peek sharing about what happen at Astro Beyond PVR event just now. Four bloggers trying their best to complete the task and accumulate as much points as they can to win Astro Beyond PVR (Personal Video Recorder). I can say all four of them are fighting hard to win the prizes.

Was there to support RedMummy =D

Now you can record your favourite show from Astro Beyong PVR (HD some more) and this is very good for people who don't want to miss their favourite show during at work.

Participating bloggers are RedMummy, Eiling, BeautifulNara & Eyeris.

RedMummy's winning spirit is very strong, see how hard she is recruiting for votes ;p

RedMummy is good at recruiting votes =D

Let see another video where all four bloggers need to fight for the Astro Beyond PVR Remote control. Super duper aggressive you know! Watch the video below. *sorry if you heard me Laughed out loud (LOL)*

Aggressive battle between all four bloggers!!

So base on the video you can guess who is the winner already right?


Tada! Congratz to RedMummy on winning the Astro Beyong PVR~!

This is my first time saw the bloggers dueling with each other with so much spirits on try to win the game along the long 8 hours. RedMummy, I salute for your "RedBule" fighting spirit! Ong ar!

Will write another detailed post once I finish upload all the dancing video by Elecoldxhot and Katoon Network (They dance so well)!

Here is the Full Post: Astro B.yond PVR Blogger Challenge


If you happen to be supporter of RedMummy, it would be glad if you can support me too on Project Alpha's Audition video. Just press the "Like" button on bottom left of the video. Here is the link to my audition video:

Please vote for me @ ~! Thanks =D


  1. tian chad
    hi. beautifulnara here
    thanks a lot for coming and support us.
    you are the best man.
    nanti kita jumpa lagi

  2. [borakartis]
    Woot thanks for dropping by. =D
    Good to see you again~!
    Tak ade sakit pinggang kan?

  3. omg!!!

    Tian chad i remember to shout at you to not forgetting to vote for me. serious that video aiyooo so super duper malu weiii!

    anw thanks for coming and support me all the way with your fren, gf kah? ehehhehehe

    waa next event do support me too kay! you are the best!!!

    eii video tu buruk nya pangai RM hahahahaha

    **aiyak why cant login under WP weii..)

  4. [RedMummy]
    Haha it is to make sure the votes goes to you ma ;p I am okay with it~

    She is a very good friend of mine, in future? don't know yet. hehehe

    Remember to remind me to support you too haha! Video tu untuk menjadi salah satu memories RM dengan semangat "RedBull" la. ;p

    Kerana ini blogspot ma. Haha

  5. Weiii taiko..u support REDMUMMY and VOTE beautifulnara yaa..ahaks..ahaks..its such a wonderful event and the bloggers give me such a good experience by become their PR..

  6. [JAI]
    No ar I support RedMummy and vote for her too ar =)
    Just that feel sorry for BeautifulNara for being ride when try to grab the remote control haha

    Good what u can become a PR ;p

  7. manage to took the exclusive picture where Nara being ride by too..can't disclose because it fall under 30sxxxl..ahaks..

  8. [JAI]
    Haha Abang Eyriqazz already disclose it ar ;p

  9. yeah congrats to Redmummy and nice pictures!


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