Purely White

Purey White @ Wedding

Harlo, just to share a photo today due to capping of Maxis bandwidth =S

Do you prefer your wedding to be decorated with all huge and nice blooming orchid flowers? Especially the white one? I like it to be pure white like the above picture =)

Talking about fair. Must your gf/bf have a fair skin? I know some people prefer tanned skin.
So what's your choice? Fair or tanned?


chris_lim said…
Im really into white recently. and i'd prefer if my gf is fairer than me.
Tian Chad said…
Then ar, go get a tan then she sure fairer =)
Blur Pei said…
Just started to think when u asked bout wedding. I prefer simple and nice. pink is alwaz my choice.(sounds like little girl)..creamy is nice tho.=)

i prefer bf who has tan skin,so that he looks healthier and strong. Fair bf for me,they looks pale and weak.=P

how bout U,TC? Fair gf?
Tian Chad said…
[Blur Pei]
Haha remember ask bf to get a tan and make him helathy =)

Yeap I prefer a fair lady
Hello..This topic im very interested in!

If it's my wedding, i'd like a colour-themed with flower decorations. Preferably not white.

As for bf/gf issue. I like a fairer bf coz fair guys wont look so dirty and usually is more handsome. (Eg. Kim Hyun Jong)
Raymond Choo said…
i know my gf like tanned guy.. if not she wont like me...hahaha
Tian Chad said…
Okay hope Xeroz saw the wedding tips wakaka

Haha good point!
Francene said…
The deco looks beautiful.
It's the heart that matters the most, not the skin color nor the look =)

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