Kris Allen Music Show @ KL Malaysia

On 8th Feb, a big thanks to LG Blog who invited a few bloggers to attend Kris Allen - Live In KL Music Show @ MidValley Garden Ballroom. I would say this is a different opportunity that I get through blogging =)

Invited bloggers are Nicole, Marcus, Bryan and myself =)

It is kinda rush for me as we need to reach there before 7PM with massive traffic jam. Luckily we were serve with some foods and drinks. Thank you lady =)

Speech was given during the waiting time

We were given chance to explore LG Mobile Phone too [LG Viewty & LG Chocolate]. You can read my experience with LG Chocolate BL40 here. There are some Kris Allen photo provided especially for the phone too =)

Henry Tan, COO of Astro

Spotted Suresh in the hall =)

Kellster, Nigel Sia and Joshua Ong - Fun people to hanging around

In the mean time, Nicole spotted Natalie =)

I took picture with her too - with the quirky expression

Ean was the emcee

"I ate 14 Durians" - what does that mean?

In the mean time American Idol's T shirt was throw to the crowd. Too bad that I can't get any of it

This guy is actually kinda good at singing Kris Allen's Song and the crowds love it too + sing along.

JJ is behind the Americon Idol T-Shirt

Plus the BIG crowds behind shouting for Kris Allen and at last he came out~!

Without any more lousy english writing, presenting you Kris Allen's photoS~!

Kris Allen looking at the crowd

Kris Allen's first song

Full with emotion

You're the one

I can't deny that the music band which comes with Kris Allen are all good looking
The drummer

I am hiding behind the crowd because most of the people in front pushing here and there

Kris Allen interact which his band

Do you want more photos? I can see the crowd want him so much~! Stay tune for PART 2 =D


PS: Pictures were taken using my new Nikon D90. Thanks Nigel Sia for giving me tips on the DSLR setting. Without that I don't think my picture will looks nice =D

I am always welcome your comment about the photo taken~!

Ohya, if you wanna grab the photo please feel free to do so, just don't forget to credit kay?

UPDATE: More photos at new post "Kris Allen In Malaysia".


  1. Woot.. Nice pictures... U got great sifu to teach u.. envy nyer.. ^^

  2. the opportunity to try out LG new phones! Too bad i cant attend the event...transport is always the problem..aih~
    Anyways, nice event post! ;)

  3. [LilJo]
    Thank you =D
    You also took great picture of yourself ar. Looks pretty~!

  4. [Joshu@law]
    Thanks first~!
    Yeah, I consider myself lucky in certain point =D
    You won't have transport problem in future ar. Try find friends carpool?

  5. my bro jz bought a dslr, bt i duno how to use it,noob ==

  6. [ccsoul]
    I am also still a newbie =)
    Play it to learn more~!

  7. [Shamin asfar]
    Thanks for the lucky star =D
    Btw, thx for dropping by ya!

  8. omg.. you are so dam geng man! the kris allen event oso can split into three parts!! geng! im coming upi.. just you wait! LOL

  9. [maRCus]
    It is a lot of photos ma ;p
    I am waiting for your post~!


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