Sean Kingston at Shout! Awards 2009

This is the last part of Shout! Award post. If wanna read preview post click here. Okay lets continue the photo story. I kinda forgot what happened and hopes pictures below speak more than thousand words!

Both are pretty celebrity: _________ and Jojo Struys

When announcing the winner they saw.....*Haha just to make my post interesting a bit la *

A cute 8TV crew

Performance by ___________

Guess who makes the crowds look so happy? =)

Jacklyn Victor's awesome live performance of MJ song

Paul Moss and Shafinaz Selamat

How does Shafinaz feel? I wanna try =D

Popstar Award (Pop Awards) - Jacklyn Victor

Flava Award: Joe Filzzow

Noticed Shout! Awards monster?

During performance of Joe Flizzow, suddenly I heard people keep screaming at my direction. This is what happened. Sean Kingston is in the stage! And they stand just beside us, manage to take few close up photo.

Seaon Kington and his macho buddy + mostly botak bodyguards

"I 'll rock you all later!"

"Let's move along with the music"

Marion Caunter and Jien

Woots, my turn with Marion =D

Can't miss a group photo with all the emcee =)
Marion, Jien and Sarah

Actually I wasn't so fancy of Sean Kingston except his "Beautiful Girls". Some more he very fast get tired and can't sing the song then let us sang. Heard rumor even though he wasn't singing still has his sound wor.

Happy to meet Jacklyn Victor in person again~! First time picture with her

Belinda Chee is the celebrity that I know since 8TV Quikie. Gratz that she was married and having new and more career in TV series. Really like the "Love In Seoul"!

The moment Sean Kingston finish sing "Beautiful Girls"

After the show end, the Quickie team stay down and looks like they will have a live broadcast =D
Belinda Chee and D_S_X

While waiting, henry Golding and Belinda Chee dance just to relax themselve =)

Joe Flizzow and Dynaz Mokhtar under interview, and I was very near to the camera.

First time did some stupid stuff and try to get into the live broadcast. Yes I did and 8TV broadcasted me. Haha, syiok sendiri here.

Decided to leave the hall after everything finished and a photo of 8TV balloon.

Went to foodcourt to eat supper and saw satay sell at RM 50 each
Daging and kambing more expensive RM 60 wor.

Eat full full, bath fast fast, blow hair dry fast fast, sleep dead dead. That's what happen whenever there is a night event till late and I was tired. Wish 8TV having second awesome Shout! Awards in this tiger year!

PS: Again, if you know the celebrity name do help me fill in the blanks on this and previous post~!


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