P1 Social Media Night @ TwentyOne Tables + Terrace

Let's go back to 17th Dec 09, the time where P1 W1max organized a social media evening @ Twentyone Tables +Terrace. Thanks Nadia and Andrew from P1 inviting me to this event =)

First time invited to an event as a blogger and also a Potong winner too!
Potong King and Queen get a 1 year FREE Wiggy P1 W1max

Since it said start at 6pm, so I rushed to there after work
Passed through P1 GreenPacket in a traffic jam. That's why I manage to take photo of that "sun-ray" moment.

The environment in TwentyOne Tables + Terrace
Spotted Paul Moss in this photo?

I was surprised to see the Project Alpha people there too =)
Seems like P1 is sponsoring their new season?
Bloggers that I saw: RedMummy and Sirman, HuaiBin, Fourfeetnine + TimothyTiah, Budiey, BeautifulNara, kyspeaks, YapThomas, Nuffie David +++

Not forgetting NikiCheong as recently know he was going to be featured in Project Alpha too. That time he was rushing for the StarBuck Facebook launch.

Met 8TV Live Chat Moe Nasrul and ruumz Sam Soong

I still remember the awesome 15Malaysia Short Films. Went for their special screening before too.

CEO of P1W1max was giving a speech, mentioning about the success of P1

I guess HuaiBin was tweeting/writing blog =)

JamesChong (@warbaby) is posing with a peace sign

Saw the pretty Ford Model in the gorgeous red

Joshua Chay the winner of MacBook Pro because of MamaLeong

This is the "MamaLeong"

I got 1 year FREE P1 W1max with a Wiggy =D

Shawn the BeatBox Artist was there too
I think we had vege dishes that day

Thanks CK for helping me register the free P1, introduce me to new friends and +++

Joshua Chay, a guy with tons of artistic brain cells

Joshua Chay and the girlfriend

Ruumsters Azni, Andrew and Lilianz
They are all smart looking

Bumped into WernShen the LowYat big bro

They provide free flow of Carlsberg, Cocktail whole night long
Too bad I always need to drive.

Two years ago I am TwentyOne years old, still a noob kid I can say

Farez the ruumz's paparazzi

Got a red christmas tree inside, first time saw decoration with love

Went to the toilet and like the sprinkle aka hand washer

At last I met Jennifer and I always take photo with her =D

I was kinda surprise to see NameWee there, most probably because of 15Malaysia
He posed with his funny face haha

Social media evening really can meet a lot media people =) Introducing WernShen

MikeCampton - Another 8TV Night Live Host

The very talented guy -Pete Teo

Yay saw Nadia again

Amelia, me and the FlyFM Crew~!

Including Ben, he has a blog too

After all this P1 Social Media is for people with all sorts of media connecting to each other. Got TV Host, Radio host, 15 Malaysia Producer and Director, ruumz + ruumates, Project Alpha, Nuffnang, Advertlets. All are media related.

Have you noticed we label ourselves using the @Twitter ID? So do follow me @TianChad

As usual, I leave TwentyOne earlier because tomorrow still need to work. How good if my job is not 9-5 based in coming days ;p


I wander around Bangsar shopping centre (BSC) because it was my first time there.

I like the design here outside a restaurant

Christmas was the season so you can see all the related decoration

Spinning Christmas tree

Shiny snowman

Marching elk

Last but not least, the ruumz couple Shirley and Farez
Bumped into each other when I heading to carpark

What have I done with the P1 Wiggy? Nothing much
I was in the loophole of coverage.The area between Jalan Wawasan 3/8 and 3/7 was not under coverage...How are P1? Can cover the hole or not? Or let us potong and win Acer netbook? =D

Potong potong potong, must make sure you are under coverage yo.


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