Shout! Awards 2009 - In Progress

Continue from my first post of Shout! Awards 2009. It would be a photo streams of Malaysia celebrities and most of them looks new for me. Or should I say I didn't get myself involve much with Malaysia celebrity? There are some celebrities that I not sure about their name. So if you know it please do fill in the blanks for me and make this post looks more complete. Thanks first~!

The excited expression of Sazzy Falak and ________
[Mind help me fill in the blank?]

Breakthrough Film Award: KAMI
I guess they are the director and script writer =)

Performance by BunkFace fow winning the Rockstar Award. They looks like zombie because too much white powder =S

Tony Fernandes with a tall lady Deborah Henry. Tony was praising her

Favorite TV Programme: Field Trip USA
I like this programme too

Popstar Award: Stacy

Seducing pose from __________

What's her name??

Little band of BunkFace

Performance by BunkFace

Can't really recognize them ^@^"
I wasn't paying attention that time.

But fully focused when know that Marion Caunter won the Hot Chick Awards! *happy*

Like their performance, but didn't remember their name, again...

Best On Screen Chemistry: Upin & Ipin
My colleagues' son is their biggest fans!

Spotted Hans Isaac

Harith Iskander, Jojo Struys, Sarah Lian, Afdlin Shauki and who else you've spotted?

Dynaz Mokhtar, the princess looks celebrity who won the Stylo Award

The Chong Sisters along with Afdlin Shauki + Dynaz Mokhtar

He is ___________?

See? I have lots of blanks for you kind readers to help me fill it up. If you know their name do leave comment here as your contribution are very much appreciated.

Stay tuned for last post of Shout! Awards. Where I see Sean Kingston.


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