Malaysia Shout! Awards 2009 - The Starting

My 17 July 2009 was specially reserved for Malaysia first Shout! Awards. The Shout! Awards is a 2.5 hour TV special dedicated to give recognition to those who have made great impact and creative breakthroughs in Malaysian music, film, TV and radio. A first-of-its-kind awards show for these four industries, it aims to reward the most-deserving artists, actors, radio and TV faces, giving voice to all Malaysians to define the new cool.

I was enthusiasted enough to go there for their live recording and to know the winner on time. Of couse, to see if I am able to meet Marion Caunter in person again ;p

This is one of the giant that responsible for the live cast of Shout! Awards. How many pounds are the weights to hold the camera way up high on air?

The Quickie Gang - Hendry Golding, Belinda Chee, Zher Peen and Prem Bongster Shanker

People waiting and playing with the camera to be on screen

VIP arriving, who did you spotted?

Cheerleader's performance on the stage as the opening

Emcee - Marion Caunter, Jien and Sarah

Sarah Lian "The Ultimate Shout! Awards goes to...."

The Bunkface!!

Malaysia's humor talent

Fresh TV Series Award: Ghost

Favourite Radio Show: Pagi Show, Phat Fabes/Fly FM

A bunch of Caprice fans

I am kinda impressed with Caprice's single performance as he brought out a bunch of Dem Girls on stage.

Rahim Maarof and Caprice

"Hormat" "See you guys later"

"Please stay tuned on and we will come back after a commercial break"

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