SOTHYS Grooming Workshop @ Pavillion

Early in November I went to Sothys's Grooming Workshop that was organized by CLIVE Magazine. Well, I want to go there because it would be the first time I get to learn proper grooming for face. People are advised not to judge base on the cover but what would a person noticed first when they met each other at the very beginning? It is the outlooks after all. [Unless you are a guy/girl that ignore the outlooks]

Let see what happened during the workshop.

Now facial care product for men also have various choices

I was the first one to arrive cos punctuality is actually one of my habits
[Unless certain circumstances]

The Platinum Room located in Pavillion Seventh Heaven with outrageous door

We were served with "kuih-muih" and orange juice

That is the moment I get to know Sothys the brand

We were given a form for identification of our skin type

While waiting I kill my time with this

And look around their product which is quite "noble"

Sothys Pore Refiner System

JuiceWork was there giving a talk and demonstration too

First of all Robert Chan from Clive Magazine give an opening speech

Then one of the Sothys's Trainer give us a briefing about Men's Facial Care

Definitely support the listed expectation especially the "quick & easy"

We were told to clean our face according to her steps using Sothys's product

After that we need to analyze the skin type for each other.

We got the reference but it looks almost the same for "1" and "2"

She is showing us how to check the firmness of the skin by puling the skin near the neck
If it rebound immediately it is "No. 1"

Okay I got Grade 2 which is normal

Now I know what is Engorged pore(Round shape) and Sagged pore (Oval shape)

We got a short break before Juicework do a demostration on how easy it is to make your own juice/smoothies.

This is Mooi Li, the director of Juiceworks

It is really easy to make the juice if you wake up early in the morning with a good juicer. However for me I still prefer to stay in bed in the morning.[ Maybe that's why Juicework can open many branches =) ]

We were given chances to try to make juice ourselves and I tried. Unpeeled banana also can be juiced directly ha?

After Juicework's session, Sothys teach us some stress relief massage for scalp, head, shoulder and back. Glad to be one of the volunteer as not always got people massage you for free =D [Or else you will be massaged by a guy]

She is showing us how to massage the scalp

Through this workshop I've learned important skincare tips and some new massage skills. I definitely want to thanks the trainer from Sothys. [Irene, Camelia and Jessica]

The fees for this workshop is RM50 but the freebies that we got is worth more than we have paid. A small tube of facial cleanser and scrub that cost more than hundred. [Based on the price marked on it]

Thanks Robert from Clive who organize this workshop

Thanks Mooi Li from Juicework who thought us the important of having a healthier lifestyle

And thanks to Camelia who took us through the steps on how to take care of our skin. Especially the massage! ;p

PS: Isn't she pretty? =) You can check the article in Clive Magazine December 2009 Issue

Here is a question, how much would you invest in facial care products?
A: Less than RM50
B: RM50-RM150
C: RM151-RM300
D: >RM300

As for me I would choose B which includes Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer.

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