[Save Our Seahorse] - Poor Little Thing On Fish Net

Cat Mama is not afraid of me when feeding her child =)

This somehow pop me up with a question, how many woman in the earth now still can breastfeed their children? Wonder why it is getting lesser.

Let's continue my [Save My Seahorse] blog post series, after found the seahorse on the sea, hold it alive with own hands, saw other sea creatures. We are back for second round Dugong's Survey.

First we go to the fisherman village near by the place we stay.

Fisherman just back from morning fishing trip cleaning up the prawns

Oh "crap" blue crab

Tighten using rubber band ( hope crab won't get crazy)

What is the orange-yellowish gel/stain?

They are crab's eggs (high in cholesterol but delicious)

We first interviewed this two guys who is cleaning up their fish net
Eventually there are many unwanted creature trapped on it

Non-fleshy spiky crab

No tail Horseshoe Crab

Colourful Huge Sea Snail

I remember we interviewed this guy for a very long time

Dr. Louisa who are responsible for this Tracking Dugong Project

Since I was boring I wander around while they continue interview the uncle. Then I saw something...

She fishing by using just a string, those are what she get

She said she only do fishing when the water rise

This is a kind of bird with red eyes living inside the coconut tree

Hungry us visited Restaurant Tanjung Nelayan, Gelang Patah

Ordered a safe dish - Nasi Goreng Pattaya

When leaving to another fishing village we saw this uncle sawing the trees because monkeys climb through these trees and steal their foods.

Me and YengYeng interviewed this uncle and he said he saw Dugong before. He was building a shop/house behind me. Saw the concretes? This is the place where a dead dugong was found.

Apparently he is very happy to take photo with YengYeng. See his big grins!

Stomach ache, use the toilet in the "kedai runcit" with no door and broken flush

After that, I somehow become a man with pale face and forced to go back rest at home. So I missed certain part of the trip of surveying other fisherman and villagers around.


Louisa gave us a briefing about Dugong and her research on dolphin too

The dead dugong that was found and now becomes white bones
Wanna see the bones? [Click Here]

The Dugong survey ended and Louisa will not come tomorrow
So...A group photo for 4 + 3 Save Our Seahorse Trip =)

No this is not the end of the trip =D
Let see what we found at night


  1. HorseShoe Crab!!
    It's awesome.. but hard to cook..

    Btw, the spiky crab is only the skin eh?

    Btw, Gratz on your own domain!! :D

  2. [cookiedonut]
    Wish they won't extinct so fast...

    Horseshoe crab can cook one ar?
    Those spiky crab can move one, just the shell is more than flesh
    Thanks for the congratz =D


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