[Save Our Seahorse] - Clean Up the Lawn with EM

The day before this morning, we saw the blue luminescent sea-creatures. Tiring us don't even want to wake up this morning. Since I am the first one to wake up, play with the cats is enjoyful.

*Yawn~* They also just wake up ha?

"What is that thing that pointing on me?"

Is this is elephant bugs? Saw the trunk?

After we had our breakfast, we were fetch to Teacher's house to clean up the lawn around his pond. As in do some contribution for the villager there.

How I wish I can take a ride on this shovel XD
Total 9 person++ on the truck wei

This is the wooden pavilion [building under progress]

While Teacher go to prepare the equipment [Glaive/Parang] I go and explore the surrounding. Saw the green spider-man. And the chicken little~!

Teacher got raise chicken by himself and I can't help myself to try to grab one

Cute+ adorable chick

Let see if we are fully equipped!!

LiErn with the fast pace cut

Me...The phail poser

Chris - The Barbarian Chopper

YengYeng - No doubt the sexy lawn worker [she got wear pants la ;p]

There we go start to clean the lawn and weeds. LiErn chop all the grass away.

YengYeng pull out all the weeds.

How bout me? Camera is with me so you can't see me cleaning up the mess... With the sharp blades cleaning the dawn is way easier. You can just chop anything that you want. A way to release stress ha?

After some "exercise" and sweating, completed cleaning the lawn. YengYeng saw this big juicy Buah Nona @ Sour Soap. [Thanks my friend Norul who told me the name =D]

As a rewards, Teacher serve us with Coke, biscuit and the fruit that we "steal"
Permission was given before we pick the fruit =D

This is the best ever mango that I have tasted. Naturally and organically grown at Teacher's orchard. What do I mean by "organically grown"? Fermented chicken dump is one of the material.

Effective Microorganism[EM1] was used in the fermentation =)

I heard teacher said he is going to improve the water quality in pond by using EM too. Even Penang's river is being cleaned using EM nowadays. So how good is EM? I am still doing research on it =)

Imagine how relax we are sitting on the bench and just chat about anything.

I went to borrow his toilet and kinda saw this cute creature =) He got a unique voice.

Climb out only when he was feed with mangoes

One of cat's habit is to rub around your leg when she likes you

Monalicat's smile

Since we need to left by noon, the time spent there is kinda short but I like it =)
Group photo taken with Teacher before left ~!

So where are we heading next? My hometown Melaka!!


  1. uh~ You post the miao again. Nice Miao.
    you did the nice shooot.
    Miao always not look to the camera.
    bt, u do it with the white miao. and the monica miao.
    Nice man !!! Nice!!! Nice !!!
    btw, nice post.hv cat !!! ishhhh......

  2. [LyanH]
    Haha, seems like you like Miao so much =D
    Thanks for the complement!


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