Pipit Wonderful Market #2 @ TimeSquare

Pipit Wonderful Market #2 [4th July 2009]

Trying to blog about the happening in year 2009 a.s.a.p. as I still have more to post about. Okay lets see what I've got. On a sunny Saturday, heading to Time Square a level above McD has this Arts Exhibition+Market at the empty space. As brother of DearBear3, I gotta help her on her market too. So...lets see what I saw.

[PS: We were in the #1 Wonderful Market too~! Click HERE]

Deciding to buy the plain one or flavoured KirspyKreme

Saw the lady inside kinda "stunt" or thinking about why I am taking the photo.

DearBear3 my sis with sweet KrispyKreme

We are selling sweet and tasty Cupcakes too!

Just that they are non-edible.

How bout some creamy ice cream with fruits on it?

Happy Bear Family

Met GuiFeng aka Francene in the noon

Welcomed by Pinky bearbear

Framed by Genesis Culture's Ruben Tan

Since I am just there to help my sis, I can go around to other stall and have a look without any limitation =D Let see which stall caught my eye.

You will love it if you are socks enthusiast

Ladies Accessories

Joan Sisters

I like Hand-Made Card

Just for "You"

Bought the cute T-shirts from WonderKitten

This is my shirt's design - Robotic Cat chasing mice

WoodMan aka FunCheong666

His Wooden Arts

I like this very much!! Evangelione's Miniature

The Miss Evangelione. Saw the mini hats deco?

I saw mini luggage

And flowery rabbits~!

Miss Irene Handmade - She made her own dress

Nice cover for the Notebook

I would like to wear this button shirts but wont like to wash it ;p

Lego Handmade

By the pretty girl

Colourful pouch, wallet and bag

Photo with her =)

A group of friends who sell lamps and Handmade T-Shirt

A guy who made the unique coloured bag - Frank WorkShop
They got sell T-Shirt too =)

Tapau -A-Monster
Her stuffed doll is nicely done

Elvin Seow from FreshMute

"To Use Or Not to Use, That is the Question..."

Colourful badges and handmade dice, they are young students =)

Cubic Soft Keychain

LazyBoneHandmade is saving the earth by making non-plastic bag.

I damn like these socks made toy by PandaEyesDIY
They are just too cute =D

Lots more poring-like handmade

Like this one too, same artwork from PandaEyesDIY

The Animal Zodiac

Feed My Lamb - If I have my own room I would decorate with their wall arts =)

Last stall, the Genesis Culture which is just besides DearBear3

With funny Ruben and Jason =)

I am hungry but I can't eat them...

A little gift that DearBear3 received from Evangelione

She brought back a cupcake, so would you too?

Picture with Pipit Moscot

Hi!! Pipit!!

Jason Lim from Genesis Culture

"Your Boyfriend need a tee."

It is kinda fun to see them showing up the little message board to almost everyone who passes by. Some of them replied back and some of them just smiled =)

This is the little gift given by Genesis culture
The Sweaty Piggy within groups of cupcakes XD

Oh yes we framed ourselves too =D

Compared to last Pipit Wanderful market, I think that the crowd is lesser this time. That's why business considered so-so for me. However, this is the place you get to know more artist, graphic designer and get new idea for your new artworks. So no regrets for going and I guess I've improved my promoting skill~!

As a rewards of helping my sis, she treat me Wendy's Burger and I ordered the satay-look sauce or called it meat scramble.

Burger in fast food shop always looks smaller in real life

The speciality of Wendy's is their beef burger. You get to decide how many slice of meat you want

As a return of her treating me, a group photo of her with KokYew

Kinda bumped into James and KahShin at opposite store

Last but not least, a group photo of me with my sis DearBear3


PS: Tomorrow [19th December 2009] me and DearBear3 will be at Comic Fiesta 2009 organized at Sunway Pyramid Convention Hall~! We were there too last year. If you are free do drop by and pay a visit~!

What happened last year? Check it out by clicking here


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