Chinese Winter Solstice Festival

Today is Chinese Winter Solstice Festival a.k.a 冬至,didn't expecting much to happen but I got tons of surprise today. Had total three times of glutinous rice ball @ 汤圆 from different people.

First of all, my colleagues are so "semangat" to go and buy the material to prepare glutinous rice ball dessert (Honey sugar, Pandan leaf, Ginger, glutinous rice ball with and without fill).

One of the main cook - Smashing the ginger with a hoe =D

Honey sugar water + Pandan leaves + Smashed Ginger

Of course not forgetting the main cast - "Turtle Egg "
Glutinous Rice Ball with peanuts/redbean inside

Or even the Black Sesame Glutinous rice ball

After all, we have different colour and different size "tong yuen" to feed all the colleagues. This is the first time for my Malay and Indian colleagues to taste the dish and they like it =D

All thanks to the guy above - Kam and Catherine for organizing this small celebration =D

Went back home after work, "ta pau" dinner and this is what I get when I reach home.

Ooo, my second bowl of "tong yuen"~! Thanks to my houselord!!
Really appreciate for that =)

After finish dinner and rest for a while, took a bath and prepared to fetch YengYeng and watch Sherlock Holmes together tonight. However before YengYeng and I depart I received the bad new that we can't redeem the movie ticket because my friend's name is not on the list....=.="

Luckily I asked my friend to redeem it on behalf of me so that I didn't reach there for nothing =S
Anyway, thanks to Tallboyz @ Joshua for the tickets and Coco to help me redeem the ticket. Lucky to have you both as friend =)

So what do we do as the movie plan was forced to be canceled? We had this "romantic" idea to go to "Puncak Bandar Puteri" and see the night view.

Me and YengYeng on top of "Puncak Bandar Puteri"

It is good because we are able to enjoy the nightview with cooling breeze and little fireworks from the housing area. Imagine how good is the view when everyone celebrating New Year? It would be fireworks everywhere!

So what else happened on there?

Having my third Glutinous Rice Ball Dessert that was prepared by YengYeng and her family on top of the hill!

Cheers to everyone =)

PS: I still wanna watch Sherlock Holmes =X


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