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Posted by Tian Chad Chen on Wednesday, September 28, 2016

01 November 2013

[Video] OneRepublic Live in Malaysia - Good Life, I Lived, Apologize [New Ver]

OneRepublic Live in Malaysia - Good Life

Presenting you my favourite band - OneRepublic. It is this song that brought me to London for London Olympic Games 2012! Love the new elements they added to this live session during the concert live in Malaysia!

OneRepublic Live In Malaysia - Apologize + Mash Up #OneRepublic 

OneRepublic Native Live in Malaysia 2013 - Something I Need #OneRepublic 

OneRepublic Live in Malaysia 2013
OneRepublic Live in Malaysia 2013

More photos available on my Facebook page and my previous post!! Good life with OneRepublic!!

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